Fantastick Label Company

If you’re looking for a company that does the best label printing services in Melbourne, then your search ends at Fantastic Label Company. Offering high-quality labels and packaging, we are the label Manufacturers that work with almost all kinds of industries and supply the best stickers in the form of sheets, rolls, die-cut, and fanfold packs.

Services and products we offer:

We are the Melbourne printing services offering you the finest work using the best materials and processes to achieve what the customer desires. Our services include:

• Digital printing
• Sticker printing
• Vinyl sticker printing
• Custom labels and stickers
• Booklet label printing
• Self-adhesive labels
• Contract packaging
• Digital foil printing
• Foil printing
• Food label printing
• Food labels
• In-Mould printing
• Security labels stickers
• Tamper-proof stickers
• Wine label and design printing
• Beer label printing
• Beverage label printing
• Cosmetic label printing

Why Choose Us?

• Label makers with 30 years of experience
• Flexible printing service
• The best in-house designing team
• Customized printing solutions
• Give priority to the customer service

We are an efficient contract packaging company in Melbourne that enable your brand growth using our cutting-edge digital printing services.

We work with diverse industries ranging from food and pharmaceuticals to cosmetics and beverage companies. Get in touch with us today to know more about us and get the label customized to your brand.

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