Business coaching – do you have what it takes?

- August 2, 2019 3 MIN READ

Small business is big business in Australia. In 2018, nearly five million people were employed by small business, accounting for nearly half the total employment in the private sector.  Due to the rapidly evolving global and technological landscape, many of those businesses are desperate for advice.

The business coaching industry is booming. If you think it might be for you, there’s never been a better time to jump on board and put your skills to work. If you have ever wondered if you have what it takes to drive a business to the next level of success, here are seven signs it might be time to make a career change.

You already have business experience

 This one is a no-brainer: to be successful as a business coach, you need to have business experience yourself. It’s also helpful to love the ‘business’ of the business.

Maybe you grew your own business from scratch, and you loved watching it evolve. Or perhaps you’ve been a sounding board to others growing their businesses. Either way, it might mean you’re ready to turn a skill into a profession.

You want more flexibility

 If you are looking for more flexibility in your life, business coaching might just be for you. Working as a business coach means you can work from pretty much anywhere in the world.

Business coaching can be done in person, on the phone, over email, via skype, and constant advances and improvements in digital technology mean that we can stay connected – and do business – wherever we are.

So, if you’re sick of the 9-5, sick of the commute, stuck in a rut, and dream of doing valuable work in your own time, on your own terms, becoming a business coach might be the change you’re looking for.

Your instinct is to help people

Do you often find that others come to you for advice, be it at home or at the office? If people seek out your wisdom and your expertise when it comes to matters of finance or sales or business growth, or even for help in tricky situations – personally or otherwise – then it probably means they think you are reliable and rational, and your opinion is valuable.

It also means you could be helping people for a living – possibly by becoming a business coach.

You have a thirst for knowledge

A successful business coach needs to have their finger on the pulse of everything that is up and coming – especially in their industry of expertise, but also in the business world in general.

If you love gaining knowledge, if you love reading books, attending workshops, listening to podcasts, learning about new ideas, then it’s a sign you’d probably make a great business coach.

You’re a people person

Business coaching is, first and foremost, about people. You’ll be working one-on-one with business owners and their staff on a daily basis, helping them figure out and work through their strengths and weaknesses, both personally and professionally.

You have to love working with people and you also have to understand how to work with people, understanding that everyone is different, and that no two businesses are exactly the same.

If getting the most out of people is your passion, this could be the career for you.

You are inspiring

 Have people ever told you that they found you inspiring? Maybe it’s the strength you bring to professional challenges or the personal values you live by. Or maybe you just feel like you have what it takes to inspire others. If so, being a business coach might be the way to do it.

Business coaching is mostly about working with the business owner, and this means encouraging and empowering them to believe in themselves and in their product or service. Obviously, to be successful as a business coach you need to understand how to make businesses work, but you also- even more importantly- need to understand how to help people thrive.

People love to feel motivated. They love to feel inspired. So, if you have a positive outlook on life and you want to share that, then becoming a business coach could be the best thing you do for yourself and those around you.

You’re ready for a change

 If you’ve read this far, you’re probably serious about activating some positive change in your life. Feeling you could do with shaking things up a bit? On the lookout for some fresh inspiration or challenges?  A new career path could be just the ticket to reinvigorate you.

Now is the perfect time to become a business coach. We’re in the information age and businesses are eager to invest in help, whether it’s programs, courses, e-books or other tools. If you have the information and you have the skills, people are going to want to talk to you.

So if you are considering a career change and want to forge a path that is exciting, rewarding and best of all, flexible, becoming a business coach might just be the thing for you.



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