Kochie's new TV show on Channel 7! A six part documentary series following bricks and mortar businesses transitioning into the digital age.

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The Mission

Studies show too many Australian businesses are unprepared to take advantage of the skyrocketing  e-commerce market: More than half of Aussie businesses do not have a website or value digital tools, which means they miss out on opportunities to sell to a global customer base.

So how can a business become digitally present and thrive online? With Bricks and Clicks, a step-by-step guide connecting Australian retailers to the tools and resources they need to get online and transform from local retailer to global brand.

Bridging Australia’s Digital Skills Gap.

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Six retail businesses will be featured in a TV DOCUMENTARY SERIES on the Seven Network which will closely follow their transformation from bricks and mortar stores to global e-commerce brands. 

With hands-on mentoring including two intensive Sprint-Weekend workshops held at International Towers in Barangaroo, our team of experts will mentor business owners through the entire process of getting online. 

Participants will join us for filming on two sprint weekends where our team of experts will take you and your business through the entire process of getting online. 

Travel and accommodation has been provided for the lucky participants as well as hands-on mentoring and support throughout. Our camera crew will also come and visit businesses before and after the transformation! 

Television Documentary

Online Education Platform 

Live Event Roadshow

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