Bricks & Clicks: Meet the Businesses, The Mosh Pit

- July 16, 2019 2 MIN READ

People of all ages love The Mosh Pit, a record store in Newcastle that sells second hand and new LPs, 45s, CDs, Cassettes, DVDs and Audio-Technica turntables.

Owner-operator Kellie Jackson has been in business since 2012. In a world where streaming music reigns supreme, Jackson’s store is something of an anomaly. She suggests the store’s appeal lies in music lover’s continued appreciation for vinyl.

“Everything old is new again but it’s the vinyl community that keeps us going.

“We have a huge vinyl community in Newcastle, and in Australia. Records have never, ever gone out of fashion. People say that there’s a resurgence but it never left. They’ve always been pressed. People have always bought them. They’re a little bit more expensive than what they were back in the day, but they sound a lot better.”

An avid collector, Jackson suggests the vinyl that they press today is a cut above older iterations.

“It’s quite lovely. It’s quite beautiful vinyl. They have a nice, rich sound for most of them.

For Jackson, some of the biggest thrills come when she introduces vinyl to a teen.

“I love it when I get young kids coming in here buying their first record, because that’s quite an event as far as I’m concerned,” she tells KBB.

“I think we all remember the first record that we ever bought or CD. And I just love showing them around the shop, the things that they can get. This Christmas Taylor Swift was huge for young girls. We had quite a few young girls having turntables bought for them for Christmas, so the moms and dads would buy Taylor Swift, or Lorde, or someone like that for them that they loved.”

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