Branding: How this franchise embraced a new look

As one of the most trusted brands in the tech market, Battery World has been supplying customers with all their battery and tech needs for close to two decades.  However, with twenty years on the clock, the brand collateral was looking a little tired. The time was right for the franchise to deliver a fresh look for the brand that would futureproof it for the next generation. So, how exactly did they do it?

“We knew that there was nothing wrong with the existing branding but felt that there might be a better alternative,” says Rachael Matheson, National Brand Manager at Battery World. “When research was conducted that was definitely the case. Our existing brand rated well, but a new brand that was tested rated much better and resonated with a younger audience whilst still maintaining a connection with the older generations.”

With its twentieth anniversary on the horizon, Battery World decided to embrace the feedback and embark on a brand refresh that looked to the past and welcomed the future.

[image] Battery World offers a range of services.

“The first thing that we considered is that regardless of what the research indicated we were not willing to move away from our primary colour purple and secondary colour yellow. That was non-negotiable,” Matheson adds.

However, the Battery World logo was up for grabs and the team voted to modernise its look and feel. With the old branding providing 20 years of continuous service and recognition, the pressure was on to deliver a new logo that could also stand the test of time.

“We wanted to make sure that the brand was something that would be recognised in the future. What we found is that on almost all modern wireless technology, the lightning bolt symbolises charging or being charged and is something that a lot of people young and old subconsciously recognised. We felt that was a new and fresh way to bring our existing brand up to speed with a revised lightning bolt,” says Matheson.

Since Battery World’s old branding had done the company proud for two decades, Matheson suggests it was vital the new branding not stray too far from its origins.

 “Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.”

 – Jess Bezos, CEO & Founder Amazon

“We were very mindful in this transition to not move too far from our old brand as we wanted to be sure we didn’t lose any brand equity. The changes in our brand are subtle so we think we have achieved what we set out to do,” she says.

The new incarnation has also allowed the logo to work better in some spaces.

Matheson adds, “An inverse logo is possible with the new logo, allowing for our logo to be better represented in any space available.”

Given that Battery World operates on a franchise model with over 100 stores nationwide, the prospect of rolling out the new branding was a mammoth task. Fortunately, Matheson says they had the expertise of SNAP print design websites to assist with implementing the changes.

[image] Outstanding customer service is a must at Battery World

“Being a franchise system, it’s really important to have consistency especially with a new brand and it’s even more important that it’s easy enough for our franchisees to use so that franchisee engagement with the new brand remains high,” Matheson says. “The Snap My Online Orders platform is easy to use and easy for our franchisees to order from. It allows us to load artwork that has only particular sections allowed to be updated with variable content, which has also enabled us to achieve that consistency.”

“Your brand story is the autobiography of your mission.”

 – Melissa Bolton, Brand Strategist

As brand collateral was transitioned over to the new logo, the SNAP My Online Orders platform ensured the new material was available on its portal for franchisees.

“The Snap platform allowed franchisees no doubt that whatever was loaded was what was current,” Matheson says.

“We have also since, been able to look at individual items that may be running out and looked at more cost-efficient ways to produce them in the future.”

With the rebrand extending across the entire business, Battery World has taken an evolving approach to the rollout to help franchisees minimise time and cost issues related to the change.

[image] Battery World hits the road.

“Put simply the old logo is still approved, however whenever you need something new for example uniforms, signage, printed items, they will come with the new logo instead of the old.  This means that franchisees aren’t out of pocket or being forced to transition to the new logo prematurely. This has certainly helped with franchisee engagement on the brand transition,” she adds.

Matheson thinks it’s too soon to tell how successful the rebranding has been, yet early indicators suggest it’s been well received.

“It’s probably still too soon to call it a success, but so far so good though,” she says. “We have been inundated with signage update requests as franchisees are choosing to transition to the logo as they believe it looks better.

“We have also had a number of customers and suppliers proactively comment on how they believe our new brand is much better.”

[main image] Future-proof your brand & take a creative approach to a brand refresh.

If you’re looking to streamline your marketing and branding, as well as take control of your purchasing activity, contact your local Snap Centre to make it happen.

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