Boost your financial fitness ahead of 2018

- November 11, 2017 2 MIN READ

Are you a busy person with little time to spare?

Of course, you are. You’re a hard worker. You’re a go-getter. You’re building a business. And on top of that, you may have a family to attend to. How can a person like you find time for, well, just about anything else in life? And if you did find the time, why should you dedicate it to improving your financial fitness?

It’s been six months the since the Federal Budget was delivered, but how has it impacted your business, clients and your home life? If you answered ‘I’m not really sure’ then this is exactly the reason why you need to devote time to getting financially fit. Fear not, we’re going to help you do exactly that.


Kochie’s Business Builders is putting together a series of articles to help you strengthen your knowledge and deepen your understanding of all things finance, tax, and superannuation.

The ten-part series will run from now all the way through to the early new year with much of the focus centred on the cause and effects behind a variety of measures announced in the Budget.

strengthen your knowledge and deepen your understanding of all things finance, tax, and superannuation

Consider this as your personal training guide to springboard into 2018 with confidence. Who doesn’t love a new year’s resolution? Seriously though, take this as an opportunity to get a firm grip on your finances, sharpen your up your skills, and broaden your awareness of the rules and regulations across the small business landscape. You’ll also find a number of tools and resources that you can apply to your personal life to compliment your small business and assist in servicing your customers and clients.

Here’s a list of some of the things you can expect to see:

  •    First Home Super Saver Scheme – is it working?
  •    Paying GST on Property – who is responsible?
  •    Super reforms – why they matter and how to respond.
  •    Company tax rate reductions – how you can benefit
  •    Lifting the lid on the ‘black economy’

In your life, you have a diverse range of responsibilities; family, friends, work, finances, health… the list goes on. If you feel out of balance in one area, the fact of the matter is that you’re going to have to dedicate less time to some areas in order to find more time for another: like finances. You can’t become so caught up in certain aspects that you overlook business realities and the issues we’re going to explore are important.

The content within these topics will support you in surviving as a business owner and assist with goal setting. You will come away with a tremendous view of the long-range possibilities and keep your business on the straight and narrow.

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