Boost your advertising return with these free marketing tips

- June 13, 2019 2 MIN READ

There’s literally thousands of ways to spend your time on marketing activities (paid or unpaid). Monique Annetts, founder of AMA Event Management gives KBB readers her top tips.

The general trend for marketing in 2018 was dabbling in social media ads and finding out quite quickly that there is more to it than throwing a few dollars at a boost. In fact, marketing your business can be a maze of confusion when there are so many ways you can go about getting yourself out there. But did you know that the best marketing activity for your business is actually free?

Here is what I learnt.

Marketing is ever changing. Marketing 5 years ago is different to today and it will be different again tomorrow. We are changing. We expect more. (our customers expect more!) We read between the lines. And we understand what we want and why we want it more than ever.

What works for you? A marketing strategy that works miracles for one business doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for the next. For this reason, marketing can create a headache for us (small business owners) that are already dealing with every aspect in their business from the accounting to the end sale.

Marketing from the inside out and it doesn’t cost anything!

The fundamental step missing from businesses seeking growth is correctly analysing your existing situation and understanding the gaps that ultimately lose sales for your business (plugging your sales funnel).

Marketing from the inside out means making sure the soil and weather conditions are optimal before you start sprinkling with fertilisers… (aka marketing activities).

A great place to start when looking at your business:

How do you manage your customer service?

Do you have a system that ensures you’re handling your clients correctly? Look at all of the factors involved when dealing with your clients and make sure you’re providing a smooth and professional system that supports you, your business and most importantly takes the pain away for your clients. Your number one goal would be to make it a wonderful experience for your customer that makes them want to tell their family and friends about you!

How do you manage customer expectations?

Sometimes in business, there are components that require clear rules or boundaries that save the customer (and you) from a bad experience. If you don’t set clear expectations and process boundaries, you’re at risk of many complaints and unhappy clients. For example: If your product/service takes 5 days to complete, ensure that the customer is aware of your turnaround times upfront. Always, (Always 100%) deliver on or before schedule. Never over promise and under deliver—it will never end well and you can’t grow a business on unhappy clients.

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