Barker St online marketplace brings quality coffee to consumers

- May 7, 2019 2 MIN READ

Small business owners Costa Arvanitopoulos and his wife, Effie, are leading a coffee revolution from their Randwick living room.

Launched in 2016, Barker St has developed a reputation for delivering quality sustainably sourced products to Australia’s coffee aficionados. The online coffee marketplace and subscription service make speciality coffee accessible to all. With 100+ curated coffees to choose from, finding your perfect coffee is simple at Barker St.

Each blend on offer has been carefully curated by Costa and Effie. It’s a labour of love, but one that Costa seems destined. Growing up in a family where good quality coffee was never in short supply, Costa’s penchant for the dark brew came at an early age. He soon learned the difference between a quality brew and one that was less than average.

“Coffee was always bought weekly from the local deli to ensure its quality and freshness. Coffee was and is at the centre of all social gatherings with family and friends,” he explains.

Costa is not alone in his obsession with quality coffee. Three out of four Australians consume at least one cup of the dark nectar a day, and of those, 28 per cent have three or more cups per day. Yet outside of a cafe, quality coffee can be difficult to find.

That’s where Barker St. comes in, making quality coffee available to the masses. As the home brewer becomes more educated and has more of an appreciation for a quality product, Barker St. eliminates the search for quality coffee by bringing it all onto one site, with a guarantee that every bag of coffee has been carefully selected to ensure it is ethically sourced, sustainably grown, and of the highest quality.

Costa says the ease of access to superior coffee is something that only Barker St. brings to the table.

“It allows customers to browse and shop coffees from dozens of different roasters or to subscribe to a customised subscription, where coffee is sent to the customer each month based on what they enjoy in a coffee.”

Costa boasts it’s the only customisable subscription in Australia.

“Selections are updated daily, so it’s the perfect place to look for something new as well as re-order your old favourites,” he says.

All coffee is fresh and roasted to order, and shipped internationally from locations as diverse as England, Denmark, and Australia. Coffee is available as beans, or can be ground, meaning whatever your preferred method, there’s a coffee to suit you on Barker St.

“Every time you purchase from Barker St., you’re privy to each coffee’s origin and story, as well as its tasting notes, allowing you to make an informed choice even through the screen.”

Costa’s decade-long experience of the industry and practice working with some of the finest roasters in Australia means Barker St brings expert knowledge to their customers. Something Costa says they won’t find reading the back of a packet in the supermarket.



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