This start-up is shaking up the recruitment industry

- January 5, 2018 2 MIN READ

Matching candidates to the right job is nothing new but Melbourne start-up, Weploy is challenging the age-old notions of traditional recruitment agencies.

Founded in Melbourne and launched into the market after raising $1million in seed funding, Weploy is an on-demand recruitment platform that matches pre-vetted staff to jobs across a range of service industries from office support, to events, promotions and customer service.

The founders boast it can take as little as 33 seconds to match an employee with an employer. Weploy use psychometric and cognitive tests to determine employees’ skills to match them with the right jobs, not the experience (or lack of) on their resume, The founders boast the platform removes all unconscious bias and discrimination that comes with recruitment. It doesn’t matter what gender, age or background you are, as long as you have the skills, you get the job

Nick La, co-founder of Weploy said he and business partners Vince Luong and Tony Wu were inspired to develop the platform out of their own frustration at the recruitment and job market. Describing the recruitment industry as tired and outdated La told Kochie’s Business Builders (KBB) their goal was to create “a fearless and empowered future of work”.

“Where people can work the hours they want for the companies they want, to allow them to work to live and not the other way around,” La explained.

As Asian Australians, La says he has often been the victim of unconscious bias.

“Going through as a job seeker we’ve experienced all forms of bias from ethnicity and ability to do the role. Having seen Weploy first-hand working within the sector it allowed us to confirm the truth behind it, and the design around removing factors that can increase unconscious and conscious bias.”

Both La, Luong, and Wu believe the recruitment sector is in need of a shake-up and he likens their disruption to that of Uber.

“The current sector is ripe for disruption. Similar to how taxis never evolved, the practices and followings these big box agencies follow have not changed since their inception. Cranked up margins, ethically challenging decisions, lack of service and speed, lack of consistency of quality, all of these factors can be improved upon by adopting the right technology so businesses from small to big can really leverage recruitment as a benefit to their business, rather than a cost.”

The way La tells it, Weploy is a benefit to both employee and employer.

“It gives our employers access to consistent quality faster than ever possible and with lower fees, which empowers them to move faster and focus more on growing their business, rather than working through administration and low value tasks.”

As for Weploy’s psychometric model, La believes the results don’t lie.

“Psychometrics allows us to predict the likelihood of success within a candidate, which is so important in the service offering we provide. Quality is key.”

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