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Writing a new playbook: Lessons on leadership during a pandemic

- December 1, 2020 3 MIN READ

We tend to over-complicate leadership; just look at the number of books on the topic (I should know, I’ve read most of them). But when suddenly faced with the prospect of leading a business during a pandemic, I quickly discovered that there’s no playbook, writes Trent Innes, Managing Director, Xero Australia and Asia Lessons on… Read more »


Small business the heavy lifters of economic recovery

- October 21, 2020 4 MIN READ

If we can be certain of one thing in 2021, it is that small businesses – not big business – will be doing the heavy lifting to keep Australians in jobs, writes Trent Innes, Managing Director Xero Australia. While the 2020 Budget is a recognition of the role Australia’s 2.3 million existing small businesses play… Read more »


Your first year as a business owner: expectations vs reality

- November 5, 2018 3 MIN READ

Following the release of their small business insights report, Trent Innes,  Managing Director of Xero Australia,  reveals the realities for many Aussie small business owners. After all the late nights and pressure-filled days, your business is finally up and running. Congratulations, you’ve made a leap that many Australians aspire to. And while it may not… Read more »


Five lessons I learned from scaling Xero up ten-fold

- December 2, 2017 3 MIN READ

Trent Innes was recently named Managing Director of the Year at the Australian Executive of the Year Awards. His company, Xero’s yearly growth rate — over 40 per cent in both revenue and customers — has shot the brand into the ranks of Australia’s largest listed tech companies. So what are the important lessons Trent… Read more »


Late payment causing major strain

- March 27, 2017 4 MIN READ

A survey of more than 500 Australian small business owners  and managers found nearly four in five (79%) of those polled support a government-backed policy to shorten the time it takes big businesses to pay small businesses. Late payments can cause major strain on small businesses, who are unable to hire more people, purchase more… Read more »


Small businesses boost 2017 economic growth

- January 10, 2017 3 MIN READ

Two recent polls of small business sentiment are painting the Australian small business forecast for 2017 as a time for jobs and growth. According to the Small Spark survey from Xero – which polled over 340 businesses across Australia and New Zealand – close to half (49 per cent) of Australian small business owners said… Read more »


3 smart summer business tools

- December 19, 2016 2 MIN READ

The summer holidays are a time for relaxation for some. But for many small businesses, this can be when the real pressure sets in. As we transition into the holiday period, many small businesses struggle to keep up with the demands of this time of year. During the Melbourne Cup, small businesses using Xero processed… Read more »