ecommerce concept; a potter takes photos of his wares for an online store.

Unlocking Success: Why eCommerce should be considered essential for microbusinesses

- March 28, 2024 3 MIN READ

  Establishing an online presence has evolved from being seen by some as a luxury to instead being used by many businesses as an essential tool in their day-to-day operations.  If you’ve ever contemplated selling online but hesitated due to concerns about costs, it’s time to dispel those worries, writes Suzanne Mitchell, Australian market lead… Read more »

side hustle

Side hustle revolution: Aussie entrepreneurs are thriving and transforming the economy

- March 1, 2024 2 MIN READ

  In February 2024, GoDaddy expanded its Venture Forward research program to Australia, which analysed over 315,000 Australian online micro businesses. The Venture Forward data reveals unique insights into the booming side hustle trend changing the Australian economy, writes Suzanne Mitchell, Australia Market Lead at GoDaddy. Australia is in the midst of a side hustle… Read more »

economic outlook: a young girl leans her head on her arm- she is looking at three piles of coins that ascends in value

The economic news no small business should ignore

- November 2, 2023 3 MIN READ

  The last quarter of 2023 promises the traditionally busiest time on the shopping calendar, along with a slew of economic news that will have economists readying their crystal balls to look ahead to 2024, writes Suzanne Mitchell, Australia Market Lead for GoDaddy. Between relentless interest rate rises, the growing costs of goods and services and… Read more »

AI artificial intelligence use cases graphic

How AI is helping one in four Aussies at work

- September 27, 2023 3 MIN READ

  Young Aussies are taking the leap into artificial intelligence (AI), with one in four now using chatbot tools to help them at work, writes Suzanne Mitchell, Australia Market Lead for GoDaddy. A new survey from GoDaddy found nearly half of all 18-26-year-olds have used AI tools, with a quarter using them at work and… Read more »

A female business owner sits at a desk a coffee cup in one hand and a the other raising a backwards facing fist in a a gesture of success.
Business Advice

Four lessons for small business owners from everyday Aussie entrepreneurs

- August 21, 2023 3 MIN READ

Australia has long been a nation of entrepreneurs. While it’s traditionally the tech titans, mining barons and media moguls that make the headlines, there are thousands of small start-ups and businesses that are the engine room of the Australian economy, Suzanne Mitchell, Australia Market Lead for GoDaddy chats with four. World Entrepreneur’s Day this month… Read more »

how to cust costs for your small business or side hustle. Image of line graph with downward trajectory being cut by a pair of scissors

How to manage cost of living challenges in your business

- July 26, 2023 3 MIN READ

Living costs have reached an all-time high in Australia, with small business owners grappling with cautious consumers and price spikes. However, protracted high inflation and interest rate rises haven’t been enough to deter Aussie side hustlers, says Suzanne Mitchell, Australian Market Lead for GoDaddy. A recent GoDaddy survey of more than 500 Aussies with a… Read more »

Two people walking dogs as a side hustle
Getting Started

Facing your fears about launching a side hustle

- June 28, 2023 3 MIN READ

Having a great small business idea is one thing; having the courage to launch it is another thing entirely. Whether it’s a fear of failure or a concern about costs, there are several perceived barriers that stop everyday entrepreneurs from turning their passion projects into small businesses, explains Suzanne Mitchell, Australia Market Lead for GoDaddy. New… Read more »