woman holding nose as she takes medicine from a spoon

How to cure inflation: Take our fiscal medicine

- June 21, 2023 4 MIN READ

  While there may not be any doctor who can remedy our inflation disease, the RBA and the boffins in Canberra certainly can, as long as we can stomach the bad, bad fiscal medicine explains Steve McKnight, host of the popular podcast, The Money Magnet. What is inflation? Inflation, the term economists use to describe… Read more »

bank ATM cash deposit or withdrawal

Are banks the best place for your money?

- March 16, 2023 5 MIN READ

  News of US banks failing makes us question how safe is our money, writes Steve McKnight, author of Money Magnet. Of course, when you make a deposit into your bank account, you usually assume that your money will be secure, and that it will be available when you need it. But how safe are these… Read more »

Magnifying glass highlighting the tallest stack of coins in a row

How wealthy are you? Take the test and see…

- February 16, 2023 4 MIN READ

  Wealth can be measured subjectively, or objectively. What does this mean? Wealth creation expert and author of Money Magnet: How to Attract and Keep a Fortune that Counts, Steve McKnight explains. Take Wayne for example. He pegs his wealth subjectively, based on what his friends seem to have (or not have). For instance, he… Read more »