Woman Unpacking Online Meal subscription Kit Delivered To Home

Unlock recurring revenue with a subscription business model

- May 16, 2024 3 MIN READ

In an era of waning customer loyalty and tighter consumer spending, eCommerce businesses are constantly seeking innovative strategies to drive sustainable growth. This has led to the emergence of subscription models across almost every major industry — from meal kits to beauty, and more — offering benefits such as reliable recurring revenue and enhanced customer… Read more »

forklift carrying boxes of product - symbolising a B2B sale

Keys to scale: Three tips to build a successful B2B retail business

- April 15, 2024 3 MIN READ

Shaun Broughton, Managing Director, APAC at Shopify, explains that the retail landscape is rapidly evolving, with business-to-business (B2B) sales representing a key growth opportunity for merchants in 2024. Worth an estimated  US$7.7 trillion globally, the market opportunity is more than double the size of DTC, and Australia alone is estimated to reach AU$45.7 billion by… Read more »

group of people in IT team thinking about software and tech solutions

What small businesses can learn from enterprise when it comes to tech

- March 11, 2024 3 MIN READ

As commerce becomes increasingly competitive and fast-paced, a retailer’s ability to adapt quickly is essential for survival. And for all retailers, regardless of industry or size, the software they use plays a pivotal role, writes Shaun Broughton, Managing Director, APAC at Shopify. In years past, fully composable solutions — essentially bespoke technology  with unique components… Read more »

D2C sales concept: online shopping with laptop shopping cart and basket

Four steps to Direct to Consumer (D2C) growth

- February 14, 2024 4 MIN READ

In 2024, retailers will continue to face challenges such as rising costs, tightened consumer spending, and shifting consumer behaviours. While many across the economy have been tasked by leadership to ‘do more with less’, that’s not necessarily an option for all businesses. This is especially true in retail, writes Shaun Broughton, Managing Director, APAC at… Read more »

retailer concept: two women stand behind teh counter of a retail store looking at figures on a laptop behind them are shleves stacked with pottery products

How retailers can build a strong foundation for 2024

- January 15, 2024 3 MIN READ

To set themselves up for success, retailers need to  focus on what they can control and lay strong foundations to overcome any challenges in the coming months, writes Shaun Broughton, Managing Director, APAC at Shopify The beginning of a new year is often accompanied by feelings of reflection, renewal and hope. The promise of a… Read more »

Customers concept: A customer compares prices of canned goods in a supermarket

How customers shop is changing: Here is what you need to know

- September 12, 2023 5 MIN READ

The last few years have seen Australians face an onslaught of successive macro-level events, which have impacted so many facets of daily life. From the pandemic to the cost of living crisis, Australians are now prioritising health more while being more discriminating in how and where they spend their hard-earned dollars, writes Shaun Broughton, Managing… Read more »

Global map showing Australian exports

Australia’s entrepreneurial triumph: seizing opportunities for growth and global expansion

- June 9, 2023 3 MIN READ

  Ranking sixth globally and first within the Asia-Pacific region in the recent Shopify Entrepreneurship Index, Australian entrepreneurs proved their mettle by generating over AUD$42.1 billion in business activity last year. With a favourable ecosystem and conducive conditions, Australia is emerging as a hotbed of innovation and entrepreneurial success. However, amidst its remarkable achievements, there are… Read more »