christmas party

7 risks to beware of at the virtual office Christmas party

- December 9, 2020 3 MIN READ

In 2020 the office Christmas party has a new look thanks to COVID-19 – the virtual Christmas party – but experts are warning they could be a minefield for inappropriate party antics, sexual misconduct and discrimination, writes human resources and workplace bullying expert, Maureen Kyne. End of year celebrations are notorious for inappropriate acts among… Read more »

sexual harassment

The birds and the bees – how to tackle tough conversations about workplace sexism

- November 10, 2020 5 MIN READ

When it comes to striking fear into parents’ hearts, few things do it more effectively than the thought of having the ‘birds and the bees’ conversation. Similarly, managers and directors of businesses often experience trepidation about broaching workplace sexism and sexual harassment. However, it’s crucial you find the courage to step up and create a… Read more »