How finance can go from balancing books to balancing innovation

- July 15, 2019 3 MIN READ

The adoption of new technologies and trends has redefined almost every business function’s roles and responsibilities. With the wealth of data at their disposal,  this certainly applies to the Chief Financial Officer’s  (CFO) job and nowadays, it is expected that the finance team not only endorse but contribute towards innovation. However, CFOs may ask themselves:… Read more »


How to turn medium-sized businesses into cloud-powered heavyweights

- April 9, 2019 3 MIN READ

Medium-sized businesses should be some of the greatest beneficiaries of the cloud, thanks to their “happy medium” between small-business agility and enterprise-grade scale. Yet more than 20% of all medium-sized organisations in Australia admit they still struggle to keep pace with the rate of technological change in their industries. Many of those also admit serious… Read more »