Woman in red suit sitting with resume awaiting job interview

Keep your business growing: The three Rs of keeping the best talent

- October 13, 2022 5 MIN READ

Attracting and keeping great staff is a challenge for many business in the current skills shortage climate. Ben Lipschitz, CEO and cofounder of FoodByUs, explains the three Rs of finding the best talent for your team. With ABS data revealing that almost one-third of Australian businesses are having difficulty finding staff, everyone’s greatest pain point… Read more »

Customer using smartphone at checkout

Rolling out new tech? Get to know your customer first

- May 12, 2022 4 MIN READ

Socrates’ secret to a happy life was to ‘know thyself’, but in the world of digital product creation the secret is ‘know thy customer’. No amount of tech can help you achieve scale unless you get to know your customer first, writes Ben Lipschitz, CEO and cofounder of FoodByUs. Technology can do amazing things, but it… Read more »