status quo

Saying NO to the status quo

- March 9, 2021 3 MIN READ

The saying “that’s just the way things are done around here” isn’t a sign of things being done the right way. What many don’t realise is that the exact reference “The way things are done” is literally the culture of an organisation. It sets the tone of what is acceptable and what isn’t. This is… Read more »


Will 2021 bring a new breed of leadership?

- January 27, 2021 4 MIN READ

In times of crisis, we look to strong leadership to get us through. 2020 has been nothing short of a disaster for many of us and many businesses have been pushed into unprecedented territories with only words such as adapt and pivot left to buoy them as they weather the storm, writes Amanda Rose. Some… Read more »


How STEM is making equal and enabled a reality for women

- March 10, 2020 2 MIN READ

As pretty much the whole world is now aware, STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Yes… it took an acronym to go global before people started to pay attention to the importance of these industries for girls and women alike. Women have been interested in these fields for generations. However, they faced almost… Read more »