Aussie Park Guides: Putting the wonders of Australian nature in the palm of your hand

- October 19, 2021 3 MIN READ

Australia is blessed with some incredible national parks and now it’s easier than ever to explore them thanks to Aussie Park Guides.

Aussie Park Guides is the brainchild of the Schmidt family. Avid lovers of the Australian bush, the Schmidts wanted to share their passion for our native flora and fauna.  By developing an app that lets local and global travellers explore the wonder of Australia’s national parks,  According to the Schmidts, Aussie Park Guides delivers an informative and educational experience for anyone keen to explore the beauties of Australian nature.

Grant Schmidt, co-founder of Aussie Park Guides tells Kochie’s Business Builders, the app allows travellers to explore, enjoy and appreciate Australia’s iconic landscape.

aussie park guides

Imagine the size of this tree when a man can fit inside the root system…

“Aussie Park Guides was founded to provide tourists with a cost-effective opportunity to discover the wonders of Australia’s National Parks and to learn about our diverse and amazing locations, flora, fauna, and cultural history,” explains Grant.

“The app delivers an informative and educational Australian narrative, in the comfort of your own vehicle, in your own time and at a fraction of the cost of conventional tour guides,” he says.

In fact, Grant and his family are so passionate about the Australian ecosystem they donate a portion of funds from each app sold to support locally endangered flora and fauna.

aussie park guides

The Schmidts check out the local crocs.

“We love that we can give back to nature and that we are able to inspire travellers, from all over the world, to spend more time exploring – making memories not deadlines, in our amazing National Parks,” Grant says.

Working in the family business allows the Schmidts to follow their passions.

“It also provides us with the flexibility to prioritise our family time and the opportunity for my wife and I to show our daughter that anything is possible when you commit, work hard and believe,” he explains.

Still, working in a family business is not without challenges, the lines between work and home-life can often blur.

“When you work from home, you must set clear boundaries and be disciplined to achieve this separation.  Lockdowns, homeschooling, school holidays and life in general all challenge the attainment of an uninterrupted, productive workspace.”

aussie park guides

Father and daughter capture the local flora and fauna on camera

2021 has been a tough year for business owners, and as a business with a basis in tourism, the Schmidts’ venture has been hit particularly hard.

“We gave up secure high paying jobs just prior to the pandemic hitting Australia, to focus full time on our business, so COVID has impacted us immensely, to say the least. The absence of international flights, constant border closures, lockdowns, the uncertainty and disruption to the tourism industry and the fact that we were not eligible for any government grants has certainly caused us an extreme amount of financial, physical and mental stress.  We try to manage this as best we can, whilst knowing for us, there is no Plan B,” says Grant.

To face the challenge of a collapsing tourism sector, Grant says the business pivoted to focus on domestic travellers and despite the hardships of the past 18 months they still believe in their business and brand.

“We continue to persevere under the worst economic conditions imaginable, due to the pandemic, because we believe in our Apps and in the value that they provide to the Self-Drive Traveller.

“Despite everything, we remain positive about the future and believe that in time, our tourism industry and economy will recover, and we will be able to move forward and continue providing more Apps for our iconic National Parks so that all people can enjoy more green time, not screen time.

Aussie Tour Guides was a finalist in our Australia’s Favourite Family Business competition in partnership with Prospa. You can learn about the other finalists here

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