Aussie brands in demand on Alibaba singles day sales

- November 11, 2019 2 MIN READ

It’s a decade since Alibaba launched their 11.11 shopping festival with just 27 merchants. Ten years later the global shopping festival commonly known as Singles Day features over 200,000 brands and merchants with RMB 213.5 billion expected to be spent on purchases during the 24-hour period. 

The 11.11 Global Shopping Festival, which culminates on November 11, taps a global supply chain to meet the growing demand of Chinese consumers for new brands and new products.  In 2019 more than one million new products are on offer and over 500 million users are expected to participate in this year’s festival – about 100 million more than last year.

Tmall president Fan Jiang says the focus of this year’s shopping event is “new consumption” and “new business” with Alibbab doubling down on efforts to provide greener packaging and delivery alternatives to consumers.

“Given its scale, minimising environmental impact is essential and our technology will ensure it is a green 11.11 Global Shopping Festival,” said Fan Jiang.

More than 22,000 international brands from 78 countries and regions will participate in this year’s 11.11 on Tmall Global, Alibaba’s cross-border online marketplace, providing an expansive international product selection for consumers. 

“At Alibaba Group we are dedicated to helping organisations of any size easily do business anywhere. The 2019 11.11 Global Shopping Festival will enable merchants in Australia and around the world to grow their businesses by leveraging our well-established ecosystem, insight-driven product innovation and content-driven user engagement,” says Maggie Zhou, Managing Director Australia and New Zealand at Alibaba Group.

Due to the large scale of the Chinese shopping festival, this year Alibaba Group will also be strengthening their commitment to the environment by converting 75,000 locations into permanent recycling stations and offering express pickup for used cardboard boxes and wrapping.

Australian pharmacy retailer Chemist Warehouse is gearing up for a big day of sales.  The company has a strong track record at Alibaba’s annual event. In 2015, they were the first cross-border retailer to achieve RMB 10 million ($1.4 million) in gross merchandise volume during the 24-hour shopping event, in 46 minutes. In 2018, the company reached RMB 100 million in GMV in seven hours.

In 2018, the ‘clean and green’ trend was showcased as Australia maintained its previous year’s ranking as the third top country selling to China. “This year we will be stimulating consumption demand and supporting lifestyle upgrades in China by supplying all new brands and products and we are excited to see how large and small Australian companies engage with consumers,” concludes Zhou.

Alibaba has announced sales for this year’s event hit 91.2 billion yuan ($19 billion) within the first hour, up 32 per cent from last year.

The top 10 brands Chinese consumers buy from Australia

  1. Swisse
  2. Devondale
  3. Bio Island
  4. Blackmores
  5. Healthy Care
  6. Thursday Plantation
  7. G&M 
  8. Arnold’s Farm
  9. Bellamy’s
  10. Nu-Lax

The top 10 products

  1. Health Supplements
  2. Adult Milk Powder
  3. Infant and Toddler Nutrition
  4. Emulsion
  5. Powdered Drink Mixes
  6. Dairy Products
  7. Facial Masks
  8. Baby Toiletries
  9. Serums
  10. Milk Powder


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