Ask Kochie: What business insurance do I need?

Business owner Tamara Malick runs two different businesses with husband. She asks Kochie’s advice on what insurance she may need to ensure she has cover for both her businesses.

Can she combine policies to cover both businesses under one package?

Steadfast MD and CEO Robert Kelly gives his advice on the many areas which may impact Tamara’s needs.


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Cec Busby
Cec is the managing editor of KBB. She is a multimedia professional with 20 years experience as an editor on titles as diverse as SX, CULT, Better Pictures, Total Rock, MTV, fasterlouder, mynikonlife and Fantastic Living. She has extensive experience working as a news journalist covering all the issues that matter in the political, health and LGBTIQ arena. She is the Head of Content at Pinstripe Media and a recent convert to the world of small business.


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