Are coworking spaces the workplace of the future?

With remote working and flexible workplace conditions becoming the new normal, more coworking spaces are opening their doors to keep up with the demand.

According to the 2018 Global Coworking Forecast, the rapid growth is set to continue with the Asia Pacific region and emerging markets such as South and Central America, Eastern Europe and Russia continuing to push the trend.

The report suggests the trend will continue to accelerate over] the next five years driven by employees insistence on more flexible workplace options and corporations’ desire to mitigate their exposure to long-term leases

Startups continue to remain the most likely tenants of coworking spaces due to their flexibility, and collaborative environment.

The 2018 Global Coworking Forecast predicts that the number of smaller niche orientated spaces will continue to grow rapidly. The co-working concept is a disruption to the traditional office space, not just because of the desks and chairs, but because it now offers a full end-to-end concierge service.

Tobi Skovron, CEO of Melbourne co-working space CreativeCubes.Co, agrees with the predictions. The company’s Richmond-based venture has gone from 0-100 per cent capacity in just seven months with the brand opening a second co-working space in Hawthorn.  Counting Uber Eats, Startup Victoria , the Entrepreneur Organisation and Hummingbird amongst their tenants, there’s little doubt co-working spaces are being embraced by SMB’s of all sizes.

In keeping with its mantra to support companies doing good, CreativeCubes.Co has teamed up with MYOB and StartupVic to host two pitch nights, where competitors can vye for a spot at the space. 20 seats are up for grabs with 12 month’s free rent (10 at each space).

Last year’s winner, Dean Panebianco, founder of Tooth Rush, says “winning the space at Creative Cubes has been a huge benefit for Tooth Rush. It’s a professional area where I can work with interns, have meetings, bounce ideas off other people, and focus on getting my work done. It’s been incredibly useful to work alongside other start-ups and explore synergies and learn from each other.”

Find out more about the upcoming pitch nights here.

Read the findings from the report here



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