Are Australian businesses digitally savvy and trustworthy?

- February 12, 2019 < 1 MIN READ

A survey by Dell of Australia’s businesses – The Dell Technological Digital Transformation Index – has found the majority of Australian businesses believe they have the right tools they need for digital transformation and are trustworthy organisations.

75 per cent of Australian businesses believe they have the right skills to achieve digital transformation with only 25 per cent citing skills as a barrier. While three quarters believe they have the right skills, 80 per cent of those surveyed believe digital transformation should be more widespread across their entire business.

While cybersecurity and data protection remains an issue for Aussie businesses 79 per cent of businesses surveyed believe they are trustworthy and will comply with regulations.

Jocelyn Macedo, Vice President, Human Resources, Asia Pacific and Japan, Dell Technologies said developing a positive and supportive company culture is essential for a successful digital transformation journey.

“Developing in-house digital skills and talent – teaching more employees how to code, for example – will help transform the workforce. Almost two-thirds of Australian businesses are sharing knowledge about their digital transformation across their organisation, equipping IT leaders with business skills and business leaders with IT skills. It’s encouraging that leaders are integrating digital goals into departmental and staff objectives – setting the right mindset now will set businesses on track to success.”


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