ANZ outage leaves thousands without wages

- October 29, 2020 2 MIN READ

A technical glitch has left thousands of Australian workers and businesses short on funds as ANZ flags a payment processing issue had been causing delays since Tuesday afternoon with around 14,000 transactions affected.

The bank took to Twitter to placate irate customers and their employees whose wages had been impacted, apologising for the delay.


The bank assured customers it was not impacting their ANZ app, ATMS or personal banking services, providing little comfort to those small business employees who didn’t bank with ANZ but whose wages had been impacted by the technical issue.



This morning the bank notified customers again on Twitter to suggest the issue had finally been resolved. Followed by a short Tweet expressing their regret for the situation.

The technical issue comes as ANZ flagged its half-year profits will be impacted by a $528million worth of “significant items”.

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