Any business can jump aboard the Valentine’s Day love train! Here’s how

- February 8, 2023 4 MIN READ


You may think your business is not affiliated with Valentine’s Day’s romantic ideals. However, smart businesses know that as the first retail holiday of the year, Valentine’s Day is an excellent opportunity to boost sales after the post-Christmas slump. Here are seven clever ways to do just that.

While Valentine’s Day is traditionally associated with romance, when you dig down into it, the annual celebration is all about love. Of course, you love your customers, clients, and staff, don’t you? Then you can leverage Valentine’s Day cleverly, no matter what industry you’re in.

Here are a few ideas to get on board the Valentine’s Day love train.

1. Give your customers and clients some love

You wouldn’t be where you are without them – so why not let your clients and customers know how much you appreciate them on Valentine’s Day?

A simple email to your customer database thanking them for their loyalty can put you front of mind for their next purchase or referral. You might even include a discount code or free shipping offer to show your love and appreciation – a serious above-and-beyond move if ever your customers saw one!

Woman forming a love heart with her hands in front of her heart

2. Collab with suitable businesses

An effective way for not-that-romantic businesses to get some lovin’ on Valentine’s Day is to collaborate with companies who do offer Valentine’s Day gifts or offers.

Some examples:

  • Share the love by collaborating with another business with a discount code for both of your services. You’ll help that fellow business and put some seriously good vibes out there about your own.
  • Create a gift guide – this can include products or offers of your own as well as from fellow businesses you are happy to align with. Gift guides are an excellent way to source new collaborations and customers and are great for your website’s SEO.
  • Place a gift station in your office or on your website with products from a fellow business you’re keen to support.

3. Come up with a ‘heartfelt’ promotion

A simple Valentine’s Day sale is the obvious choice for retail businesses. However, any business can jump on the bandwagon. This could be as simple as a voucher allowing customers to purchase at a discounted rate or a buy-one-get-one offer for the month of February.

Offering your products or services as a gift-for-purchase can bring in sales, no matter your niche. Mechanic? Offer a special Valentine’s Day voucher for car detailing or repairs for customers to give their loved ones. Graphic designer? Offer a discount certificate to your current clients as gifts to their customers, clients, friends, and family. They’ll share the love for you!

4. Think outside the box

Think outside the traditional romance-focused marketing ploys and consider other ways to appeal to customers lovingly.

For example, Apple’s 2017 ‘V-Day’ campaign promoted how their products can make loved ones smile. So, how could your product or service make someone smile?

Consider a competition your customers can enter to win a particular product or service. It can be as simple as filling out an online form, or asking customers to share on social media why they love your business or products using a hashtag so you can track entries. This can become brilliant user-generated content and social proof, not only promoting your business but showing some love to your engaged customers and followers by offering a prize for their involvement and passion.

thank you gift

5. Don’t forget your staff!

Your employees are the backbone of your business. So why not celebrate and reward them with a special shoutout about their hard work on your socials, a friendly email including a special staff discount for a service or product, or a simple gift like a voucher, movie ticket or half-day to thank them for their service?

You’d be surprised how many employees will tell all their friends, family, and social connections about the fantastic business they work for. It’s a known fact that happy staff can be your best brand champions.

6. Target last-minute shoppers

Let’s face it; there’s a huge target market for shoppers who have left their gift purchases too late for delivery in time for Valentine’s Day. Sure, they could grab a daggy bunch of flowers from the local servo, but what if you offer fast or instant online delivery of your product or service? Those last-minute shoppers will love you for providing them with a better gift option than the servo.

7. Consider an anti-Valentine’s Day message

Valentine’s Day is all about love, but there’s a massive market for self-care and personal empowerment products targeted to those not in a relationship at this time of year.

When everyone else is celebrating their coupledom, you can celebrate being single and powerful by offering self-care ideas, products or referrals for singles. Also, consider ideas to pamper your single customers, such as single-parent discounts for February.

Keeping your customers, staff and community top of mind during any shopping event is always a smart move, and showing them how much you love them is a no-brainer for Valentine’s Day.

How will you show the world how much love you have to give this Valentine’s Day?

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