Amazon Australia is here: 5 reasons to get your store up and running today

- December 7, 2017 3 MIN READ
5 reasons to get your amazon store up and running today

After months of speculation and predictions from industry experts and commentators, Amazon Australia officially launched this week. While Christmas shoppers are rejoicing, many local retailers are bracing themselves for the impact of the US retail goliath’s entry into the Australian marketplace.

With Amazon Australia here to stay and destined to become a significant part of the Australian economy and retail sector, Aussie businesses are being challenged with an opportunity to embrace Amazon’s arrival or face being left behind.

If your business sells any product that can fit into a box and be shipped to customers, here are 5 reasons you need to get your Amazon store up and running as soon as is humanely possible.

1. Amazon Marketplace is a game-changer

When it comes to ecommerce, Amazon has been leading the way since the ‘90s and there is no doubting that it is a brand that is recognised among shoppers globally. This is the first time that Aussie shoppers have been given the opportunity to benefit from an ecommerce service that others have enjoyed elsewhere for years. Amazon are industry leaders when it comes to all things customer experience – they continue to raise their standards to a level that businesses must compete with to retain customers. Upon their launch, they’re already advertising that their Prime membership service (which includes Prime Shipping where customers are rewarded with exclusive delivery benefits on eligible items), is coming to Australia. Watch this space!

2. Amazon makes ecommerce accessible to all businesses

The media hype about Amazon’s arrival into Australia has been building for years – excited customers have been checking Amazon’s site regularly since news broke that it would launch in late November. Gone are the days when business’ were forced to struggle maintaining their ecommerce website or ensure they’re at the cutting-edge of the latest website trends. Amazon makes ecommerce accessible to all businesses and it’s as simple as setting up your Amazon store, listing your products and paying a percentage in fees to Amazon. You increase your profits, while leaving the costs of being innovative and keeping up with technology, to the bigger players. Mark that as a win.

3. You benefit from having an international audience, at your fingertips

Once your store is up and running and firing on all cylinders, you’ll be able to sell your products to people all over the world. This is your chance to take your business global simply by setting up an Amazon store – it’s the equivalent of Charlie Bucket finding the golden ticket in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Reach more customers than ever, while lowering customer acquisition costs. Forget about co-ordinating expensive marketing campaigns or reinventing the wheel.

4. Your business will have a competitive edge

Customers flock to businesses who are one step ahead and are leading the way. Don’t wait for your competitors to get an Amazon store before investigating your options. Be the leader in your space and force your competitors to follow in your footsteps. We know that some people prefer to purchase via Amazon only. We’re aware that a percentage of shoppers prefer to do all of their shopping in one place – tap into this knowledge to maximise your business’ profits.

5. Being associated with Amazon builds credibility

Sure, you may have your own ecommerce website already or maybe you’ve been there, done that and it just hasn’t worked for your business. By associating your brand with Amazon, you benefit instantly from the global reputation that Amazon has spent years crafting and honing in on since the ‘90s. Your opportunity to join Amazon’s community of sellers is now!

Now that Amazon is here, think about how it can benefit what you’re already doing in business. Know that getting listed on Amazon and in the right categories so that your customers can find you, can be challenging. Reach out for help if you’re struggling so that you can truly maximise the potential of your Amazon store. If you’re already operating an ecommerce store and are looking into opening an Amazon store, think about what this means to your business holistically. Software is available to ensure that any sales made via Amazon, syncs with your existing ecommerce solution and back of house so take advantage of the technology at your fingertips.


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