Always on Always Connected: Join a constantly connected world

- June 28, 2018 2 MIN READ

Imagine a world where your laptop is constantly connected. Where you flip open the lid, login with your fingerprint and bam! You’re ready to go anytime, anywhere! Always on, always connected laptops are here and they’re ready to take the world by storm.

Forget about those painful minutes as your computer fires up its system and connects with your Wi-Fi or hotspot. Always Connected PCs and laptops are just that: ready to go whenever you are! Thanks to built-in Wireless 4G LTE you’re online all the time. You can free yourself from your Wi-Fi dependency and surf the internet, browse your emails, and upload to your cloud accounts both safely and securely.

Always Connected PCs mark the dawning of a new a wire-free, worry-free world. Road warriors will especially love these laptops or 2 in 1s. They boast fantastic battery life that will get them through the working day without the need to recharge, and their multi-tasking abilities enable enhanced productivity, making them a perfect solution for digital nomads

Small business expert David Koch suggests Always Connected PCs are a boon for business owners thanks to their multitasking abilities and constant connectivity.

“These days small business owners work at an incredibly fast pace. They need to be agile and adaptive and embrace disruption. Having the ability to be constantly connected with access to all their business information whenever and wherever without having to worry about security, wi-fi and battery life is fantastic! Eliminating IT worries means SMBs are free to focus on what matters to them most – growing their business.”

Anyone with a remote workforce who is concerned about security will also appreciate the biometric features of these computers, which opt for Windows 10 complete with ‘Windows Hello’ so you can login with your face or fingerprint with ease.

Proving Always Connected is the wave of the future, there are a range of  business and consumer-oriented Intel-based always-connected PCs globally, with models available on shelves in Australia today, such as Microsoft’s Surface Pro and HP’s Envy X2

[CTA] Are you interested in pursuing an always connected solution for your small business? You can find out more about Intel’s ACPCs here





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