ADMA launches education program to help SMBs enhance digital skills

- April 27, 2016 2 MIN READ

The Association of Data-Driven Marketing and Advertising (ADMA) has launched their One For One Program to help Australian small business owners get the skills they need for the digital future.

ADMA has joined forces with high profile Australian industry organisations Australia Post, Bupa, Optus, Stockland and Westpac, to launch the One For One Program and donate one free course for every single ADMA IQ course sold to help ready everyday Australians for the ‘digital future’. ADMA expects to donate over $2.5 million in training by the end of 2016.

Jodie Sangster CEO of ADMA commented, “When we started the One for One Program it was with small business in mind because we want a way to be able to help small businesses get the education that they need so that they can progress in their own businesses but also put the infrastructure in place to thrive in the future.”

“It’s going to be absolutely critical for them moving into the future. Marketing especially so that their businesses can be out there and people know about them but digital because it is going to underpin the future of business and the future of communication.

The program will give small business owners the opportunity to make a critical investment in marketing and digital skills such as data and technology.

Sitting front and centre is the drive to help improve marketing skills. Small business can learn about using digital technologies for marketing purposes so that they can make sure that they’re out there and heard about. The course also encompass how to use new technologies as channels to reach you market whether it is online or through social media.

Sangster also hits on the importance of acquiring data skills, she said, “Data is going to underpin business more and more. So making business decisions based on data requires you to have some degree of analytics skills and data understanding. So we have a lot of the programs in there around that so that companies can understand their own data, their customer’s data and make better decisions.”  

Money’s often tight and small businesses need to be able to make informed decisions about what technologies are right for them and there are course to show owners how to maximise the use of those technologies.

Ben White, Acting Managing Director of Product and Marketing, Optus, said “Professional development is critically important to us at Optus, and this program will enable us to share the investment in our people with the broader business community.”

“The ADMA’s education programs are an invaluable resource, providing foundational training and aligning marketing professionals with global best practice, so to make this available to individuals and smaller organisations will broaden the local talent base in the key skill areas of digital and data.”

It is open to every single small business, with another category also targeting regional and rural small business owners, and as of next month there will be an online form for applicants to fill in saying what they want to do,why they want to do it and how they’re going to apply what they’ve learned.

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