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9 ways to get back to business after COVID lockdown

- October 22, 2021 4 MIN READ
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If COVID Lockdown has affected your business in any way, then this article is for you. We have come up with nine ways to get back to business as usual.

The effects of a lockdown on a company can be devastating. The business will lose all the momentum they were making during the year which came to a screeching halt.

This extended lockdown has led for many a total loss of motivation, a loss of direction, perhaps even fear and anxiety. In addition to that, the lockdown has likely led to a distraction from their goals and thrown up questions about the direction they are going in. Getting back to business as usual might seem daunting after a disaster like the 14 week Sydney Covid Lockdown, but the following strategies will help you get there.

Here are our top nine ways to get back to business after COVID lockdown

Make a 90-day plan for your business

The first step is to identify what needs to be done now, next and later and form a plan of action. This will help take you from confusion to clarity. It will help get you and your team back onto the same page and ensure that there is a clear plan of attack as well as a clear direction to take. This helps alleviate fear and anxiety and get everyone thinking in a positive manner.

Get back into a business routine

Let’s face it. We have all got into bad habits working from home. Perhaps you go to bed too late, or get out of bed late in the morning. Perhaps you have skipped your regular exercise, not eat as well or have let your to-do list become a memory game rather than something planned out and structured. Now is the time to get back into the rhythm as we are all creatures of habit (even if we don’t like to admit it) and we are all far more productive when we have a routine.

Get out of your house and into a co-working space

You have been cooped up for 14 weeks. Now is not the time to stay home and hide from the world. Your dining room table or spare room as an office is not serving you as well as you may think. Look for a local co-working space, even if it is for a day a week. The change of scene, the opportunity to meet people and having a designated place to go that is designed for you to get work done, will help you smash out your to-do list and help you feel as though you have achieved something.

Organise face to face meetings rather than Zoom

Zoom is great and it is convenient, but it should never be a full-time replacement for face-to-face meetings. Human connection is so important in a business world, and it is something many of us are craving. So let’s feed that hunger. Meet someone for a coffee, do a walk and talk meeting or hire a meeting room where you can safely meet face to face.

Collaborate with other businesses

Many businesses are struggling right now, which makes the saying, ‘two hands are better than one’ even more relevant than ever. Look at complimentary industries. For example, in our space we have a graphic designer, a copywriter and a photographer. They use each other’s services to provide a wider offering to their clients but can help each other at the same time. What businesses can you collaborate with? We love how packaging company BioPak has collaborated with artists from around the world to produce beautiful looking coffee cups that cafes can then use to sell more coffee. Check out #biopakartseries

Kick your social media back into gear

For some, being stuck at home has resulted in far fewer social media activity than normal. Or more specifically, far less relevant work posts than normal. Now is the time to kick back into gear. Perhaps you should push yourself out of your comfort zone, try and IGTV or a live. Perhaps you could you more blogging or email marketing? Reach out and let people know that you are still in business, ready and rearing to go.

Join a networking group

There are so many business networking groups to choose from, so instead of signing up to all of them and attending none, I recommend that you look to 1 or 2 that you can truly be an active member of. Attend meetings, reach out to members – whether they can be clients or not. Often more business comes from referrals than from trying to sell. Look firstly at your local Chamber of Commerce. This is where you will find a diverse range of businesses which also offers education, advocacy and more.

Ask for help

Don’t try and be a hero. If you are struggling – ask for help! There are so many places that you can go for business support. First and foremost, we suggest your local Business Enterprise Centre. Many offer free advice and heaps of online and soon-to-be face to face training. You do not have to go this alone.

Don’t do nothing!

One thing that you can be guaranteed of is that if you do nothing, nothing will happen. So, if you are nervous about getting back out there, if you are fearful or feel as though you lack direction, pick up the phone, send out that email, post that social media post or JUST GET OUT OF YOUR HOME.

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