9 things you should give up if you want to be successful

- February 10, 2020 3 MIN READ

Sometimes it’s not what you give but what you give up that defines you as a person. The things you are willing to leave behind, to sacrifice for your own or the greater good are often what determines your success…

It can be easy to lose sight of this, especially in today’s want-take-have world, where our heart’s desires are seemingly at our fingertips. However, if you really want success (whatever that may mean for you) are you willing to live as others won’t in order to live as other people can’t?

What can you release from your life in order to create the space for growth?

Give up your pretences

Stop pretending. Stop faking it. Stop acting like you owe the world an apology. Stop pretending your problems don’t exist. Take an honest look at your life and yourself. What are you ignoring?

Give up ignoring your feelings

Trust your gut. Give in to your instincts and trust your intuition. Why? Because trusting you instinct means trusting yourself.  Stop overthinking things and let go of your biases. While you’re at it stop ignoring your feelings. Feelings aren’t random. If you’re angry there’s agood chance something is making you feel powerless; anxious – then something’s out of whack. Let your feelings speak to you.

Give up avoiding confrontation

Those moments when we feel uncomfortable provide the biggest potential for us to grow. Often bad habits are formed to distract us from what feels uncomfortable. Face uncomfortable situations head-on, be prepared to sit in that place of discomfort and allow yourself to be open to new opportunities.

Give up unhealthy habits

No one expects you to live like a monk however unhealthy choices have an impact on our lives. So, what are your worst habits and vices? What can you easily eliminate to be a better you? It could be as simple as swapping late nights for early rising. Take care of your body. Get enough sleep. Eat well. Exercise.

Give up your excuses

Remember Yoda? ‘Do or do not…there is no try’

Stop justifying why you are not where you want to be with excuses. It’s simply a waste of time. Instead focus your energy on what you want and where you want to be.

Give up your distractions

Anything that distracts you from your focus pulls you away from your true purpose. It can be easy to fill your life with distractions in order to compensate for a fear of failure. Rather than pouring your energy into distractions hone your focus instead. Ditch the Netflix, declutter your home, downsize your social obligations, check your workload and shift your time to what’s important.

Give up doing everything

You don’t need to do everything yourself. There is no shame in asking for help. No one is meant to take on every role and every responsibility. Learn to delegate and trust in other’s expertise.

Give up being a perfectionist

Nothing will ever be perfect. You may think being a perfectionist will assist you in being the best you that you can be – contrarily perfectionism can lead to feelings of Inadequacy. Worrying about making everything perfect can hinder you from accepting opportunities. Life is change and change is out of your control. Loosen your grip and give up on being a perfectionist and having control over every element.

Give up negativity

Self-doubt and negative attitudes can be crippling to success. Leave your inner critic at the door and opt for a positive approach. Practice gratitude. Count your blessings and acknowledge the good in life. While you’re at it free yourself from toxic relationships and surround yourself with people who want what’s best for you.

And there you have it…If you really want to be a success, giving up the things that are holding you back is the first step. Incremental change is key. Make a start. Make a change and make a path to success.






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