8 ways to promote your blog on social media

- April 20, 2017 4 MIN READ

Do you have a small business blog or do you want to start one?

It’s important to know that when you click the ‘publish’ button, your work has just started. If you want to be a good blogger then you need to know how to promote your content on social media to grow your traffic. Here are eight easy steps to success.

Email or tag specific bloggers

You can always find a way to mention any business or a person in your blog and email or ‘ping’ them to let them know. Most will tweet or post on social media that their name was mentioned in your blog. That’s how it works. Your blog gets promoted and known to more people! This tip works better if you get the chance to cite a famous blogger’s work in your content.

Make hashtags your best friend

#Hashtags are powerful tools for getting a targeted audience hooked to your small business blogs. These work on your behalf to promote your blogs in front of the specific group of people you wish to attract. Twitter and Instagram are governed by hashtags.

Promote other bloggers post

Sharing other blogger’s content is a great way to catch some of the audience of that blogger. And it’s a win-win situation for all of you if their audience reads your blog and they also get get some of your audience. Promoting other blogger’s posts will create a positive image of your amongst other bloggers. You might find your posts are promoted by them again.

Take advantage of Twitter 

Twitter has numerous facilities that can be used to promote your blogs online for your small business. Firstly, it is possible to post the same content multiple times by using different headlines. To make your content look attractive, you can use images along with your content while posting it. There is also an option of retweeting your post when others share it. These steps can dramatically increase the traffic to your blog.

Highlight your posts

After you’re done with posting your blog on your small business page or your Facebook business page, remember to highlight your post on that page. Simply click on ‘pin to top’, and your content becomes a ‘sticky’ post that will be viewed for anyone who opens the page. It will remain on the ‘top’ until you replace with another post. This trick helps in increasing the reach of your contents.

Promote on different timelines

Promotion is an necessity to make your audiences grow. You need to promote these posts in other timelines on social media platforms. Choose people who you know will be interested or may benefit from the content. Remember, the more effort you put into promotion, the more traffic your blogs will.

Reschedule content

This is an effective method of getting traffic for your small business blog. You can easily reschedule your post to a new date and time. When the specific time arrives, the post will jump to the most recent position in your timeline and reach out to new viewers who may have missed out earlier. There are many apps available nowadays which makes these rescheduling tasks easier for you.

Join discussions and forums

A successful small business blogger is always active socially and never fails to take part in discussions and forums. Taking an active interest in discussion forums helps gain traffic for blogs and will expose you to other bloggers. You may pick up some great advice and essential tips to help you build your small business blog.

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