8 tips on keeping your business safe

- November 17, 2017 2 MIN READ

The dynamics of workplace safety have evolved drastically over the years. It’s no longer simply a case of keeping employees safe from physical harm, but with mental health difficulties now the largest cause of disability in the Western world, protecting our workforce’s mental state should become an equally huge focus.

Here are eight tips to ensure your small business enforces workplace safety.


Ensure your business demonstrates a strong commitment to health and safety, instilling respectful behaviours in employees and ensuring you have a reliable and responsive psychological services provider in place.


Reach out to an injured employee early on after their accident and stay in regular throughout their period of rehabilitation, so they feel supported.


Where possible, offer to modify work so an injured worker can safely return to the work environment as soon as they are able to.


Establish a phased return to work plan that supports the worker’s transition back into the workplace without disadvantaging their wider team.


Train supervisors in work disability prevention and include them in return to work planning.


Appoint one lead person to implement and coordinate an employee’s return to work.


Liaise with health care professionals (with the worker’s consent) to make sure any planned return to work programme is safe.


Don’t neglect your own needs as a business owner trying to resolve the issues surrounding workers’ compensation and seek professional advice from rehabilitation providers.

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