Which industry has the worst retention rate?


New data has been revealed from Deputy, a cloud-based staffing tool, from over 30,000 employees in almost 2,000 businesses, that uncovers the staffing issues faced by Australia’s small businesses. Industries surveyed included Hospitality, Retail, Healthcare and Construction/Marketing.

1. Which industry loses the most staff?

The construction industry has the flakiest employees (40% retained)

2. Which industry retains the most staff?

Healthcare industry converts the most employees from temporary to permanent (65%)

3. Which Australian city has the most loyal workers?

Adelaide is home to the most loyal workers (11 month average tenure), outranking their Melburnian (10 months) or Sydneysider (9 months) counterparts.

4. Why are Baby-boomers one of the longest serving?

Baby-boomers stick to their jobs longest (20 month average tenure), turnover is highest in the youngest age-group (Gen Z: born 1995 onwards), who stay in their jobs for an average of just 8 months.

5. Who is it best to employ?

If you want to keep your employees, run a healthcare business in Adelaide and strictly employ people born before 1965.

6. Which industry has the worse retention rate?

Employees in the hospitality industry only last 8 months on average before leaving a company.

7. Which city has the shortest staff retention?

In Brisbane, the average worker leave their company after just 8 months.

8. Which is the best industry to work in?

The healthcare industry has the least number of workers departing (35%) compared to other industries.

9. Which generation has the worst retention rate?

Gen Z (born 1995 onwards) who stay in their jobs for an average of just 8 months


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