60 second tip: teach kids good time management

- May 17, 2017 < 1 MIN READ

Business Builders time management expert Kate Christie explains why it’s never too early for your children to learn good time management. This 60-second video tip will guide you to improve your child’s time management skills which you’ll be delighted about when you need more time to spend on your small business.

Kate’s top 3 tips:
1. From the moment your children are two or three years of age, they should be helping you around the house. For instance, get them involved in helping at the supermarket.
2. Once your kids start school, have a smart time management program in place for them to follow.
3. Set time aside for your kids to achieve certain tasks such as unpacking their bag, bringing their lunchbox to the kitchen after school each day and doing their homework.

Press play! Hear Kate’s helpful time management tip

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