7 ways to use Snapchat in your marketing strategy

- October 31, 2019 4 MIN READ

Launched in Australian in 2016, Snapchat was initially viewed as just another social app for millennials and Gen Z to share pictures with crazy filters. Yet it has quickly become another viable option for businesses to add to their marketing strategy.

While currently, the majority of Snapchat users are aged 13 to 34, its reach is starting to attract an older demographic as the social media app has been gaining popularity as a video and photo sharing service. More than 100 million people open the app every day, presenting an exciting opportunity for your business, especially if you want to connect your brand with millennial customers.

Let’s take a look at seven ways you can use Snapchat as part of your marketing strategy.

  1. Offer engaging stories.

Once you’ve created a Snapchat account for your business, you need to start implementing your strategy to reach out and engage your target audience. Snapchat Stories are compilations of images and short videos that can be viewed for up to 24 hours. Users want to share their stories with their friends, and the business opportunity for you is to create compelling content on a regular basis that your followers will want to share with their own. Whether you’re offering a financial service, promoting your restaurant, or sharing a makeup tutorial, this is your chance to find a fun and engaging way to talk about your business’s day-to-day activities.

However, don’t go overboard by posting too much content. Depending on how many people a user follows on Snapchat, they’ll have numerous stories to view each day and will end up skipping over your content if they get tired of seeing too many posts from your business.

According to a study conducted by Snaplytics, engagement drops by 36 per cent once users reach the fourth snap of a story. In addition, they also discovered that roughly 80 per cent of your followers will see your post about four or five hours after it’s been added to your story. So, be strategic in your posting, and think of creative ways to leave your audience wanting to see more from you, not less!

  1. Create exclusive content.

When your followers get sneak peeks or insider views into your brand that non-followers don’t have access to, they feel special. This might come in the form of unveiling a new product before it hits the shelves, going behind the scenes at a big event, or even getting your followers’ opinions on which direction to take your product line or service.

Another aspect to keep in mind is the fact that Snapchat users love photos and videos that are raw and unscripted. While some businesses spend a lot of money on photo design and video marketing, Snapchat is different. Feel free to plan out what you want to do or say in your video, but don’t stress over making it too polished; otherwise you may alienate your audience that expects to see amateur experiences they can relate to.

  1. Promote with Geofilters.

If you want to promote a local store or an event, such as a conference, concert, or store opening, Snapchat Geofilters offer a way to interact with the local audience. They provide marketers the ability to create a Snapchat filter that’s offered to all users within a certain area for a specific period of time.

For example, if your brand is hosting a conference, you can create a Geofilter for the duration of the event to encourage attendants to interact with your brand on Snapchat. If people use the Geofilter, they inadvertently spread the word about your brand to friends and colleagues.

There are two main types of Geofilters:

  • Community Geofilters are free and are used to promote a public location, like a city or a park. These filters can take up to six days to get approved. There’s no branding allowed on community Geofilters.
  • On-demand Geofilters are for businesses who want to create a specific filter for an event, business, or location. Brands pay outright for these Geofilters, and Snapchat approves or denies them in a matter of hours.

Geofilters offer you a unique opportunity to interact with your audience in a fun and creative way that increases engagement and exposure and ultimately helps you gain more followers.

  1. Hold a Snapchat contest.

Snapchat enthusiasts love a new opportunity to socialise and interact. As a business, you can harness this social zeal by holding contests or giveaways in which your followers spread the word about your brand for you. Make sure the prizes are enticing and the contest entry rules are simple. For example, you could ask followers to snap a photo of themselves using your product to be entered into a drawing to win the grand prize.

  1. Promote your Snapchat account on other marketing channels.

In order for your Snapchat strategy to be successful, you need followers. To successfully attract followers to your account, try to target users who are currently following your business accounts on other platforms. Encourage followers on these channels to check out your exciting content on Snapchat. This is another instance where a simple contest rewarding your audience for becoming followers of your account and inviting their followers to join them can be highly effective.

  1. Invest in paid advertising.

Snapchat has created smart marketing tools that can help extend your reach and enable your business to connect in unique ways. It provides a variety of paid marketing options to help meet your specific business goals. For example, you can create a smart Snap Ad or a Sponsored Geofilter, or you can interact with your potential clients through a Sponsored Lens.

Snap Ads are full-screen, three to ten-second vertical adverts that you can create yourself on the Snapchat platform. They appear in between friends’ stories and Snapchat content such as Snapchat’s stories or publishers’ stories. The person watching can swipe up at any time for more info—maybe to read an article or to visit a website. Snap Ads are highly targeted and provide a great user experience.

  1. Create your own group.

Snapchat is a great way to communicate in small, tight groups. This highly rated feature allows you to create groups of up to 16 people to discuss specific parts of your service or product. As a unique forum where your most engaged clients can hang out, this space is also the perfect place to share tutorials you’ve created or guides you’ve compiled.

Snapchat continues to widen its reach, making it a savvy marketing channel worth trying, especially for marketers intent on reaching millennials and younger demographics. By leveraging the power of Snapchat, you’ll be engaging a new audience in a new way with a new type of content. If you have the right strategies in place, it can be a truly valuable tool for your business.






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