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These 7 traits will help you get ahead

- July 19, 2017 4 MIN READ

Do you want to make a real impact on the small business world? Careers in business of all sizes are appealing to so many types of people because they are exciting and varied. They also allow for professional improvement and advancement on many levels. Nationally, we know that there are diverse emerging business environments, so jobs can be found and created all over Australia, at a range of levels. So, what does it take to make it big?

Careers in business are not what they used to be. They’re better.
Steve Jobs pointed out that, “Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.” Success in business is never an accident; it usually comes after hard work, determination and learning basic skills that are transferrable to many other areas of life; how to work in a team, continuous improvement, how to work in a global environment and how to get ahead, no matter where you start out.

Success comes after hard work, determination and skilling up

What does this mean for the new generation of young professionals in Australia? The number of people in Australia under 35 already working as Chief Executives and Managing Directors is nearly at 10% of the total career profile. This equates to over six thousand jobs and growing, according to the Department of Employment. If you are one of them then what personality traits do you already possess that might make you a candidate to become a success?

  1. Be dynamic
    When you’re known as being dynamic, you are simply full of fresh, new ideas. To succeed in business, it’s important to generate new concepts and look at things from “outside the square”. This is known as “lateral thinking”; the ability to see problems and opportunities from diverse angles and to come up with ideas and solutions that others might miss.
  2. Be hard working
    Business strategy expert Ryan L. Sievers says, “The most important aspect of the concept of hard work is that it cannot be faked. The work is necessary and cannot be circumvented, skipped, or artificially accelerated.” To really make it in a business career you need to put the hours in. This doesn’t necessarily mean working around the clock; in this day and age it’s important to work smarter, as well as harder than your peers to get ahead.
  3. Be conscientious
    New generations of workers are known as more conscientious than their parents’ generations. This means that they are motivated by a need to do things that are truly good and that serve a social purpose. More than 83% of workers born after the year 1990 say that a social conscious is imperative to how they see their future career path. You actively want to participate in high-quality, meaningful work that makes a difference.
  4. Think progressively
    The business landscape in Australia (and globally) is shifting at light speed. We are now more connected than ever before and the future of jobs in business and other sectors like IT is looking bright. It’s now important to be adaptable and flexible; traits that current young people have a serious advantage with over their older counterparts.
  5. Be environmentally aware
    According to a recent UK study, big brands are now acting in a more sustainable way, because of a “simple yet powerful realisation that their environmental and economic footprints are most often aligned,” meaning that businesses tend to thrive when they are sustainable, conscious, environmentally aware and responsible. If these traits are valuable to you personally, then this is another indicator that a career in business might be good for you.
  6. Understand best practice
    Now more than ever, businesses both large and small have a focus on continuing best practice. This means that business students often look to complete formal training (whether it’s at bachelor, diploma or certificate level) in something called ‘continuous improvement’. Because global markets shift so quickly, respond times are increasing and strategies need to be flexible. Understanding the parameters of best practice is now essential to success; and looking to continually seek to improve ‘how things are done’ is part of a business person’s professional scope.
  7. Be social
    Business is never 100% serious and ‘by the book’; in fact, learning how to relate to diverse people is now an essential part of being a successful worker. You need to be sociable, know your boundaries, know how to fit in with an organisation’s culture; and at the end of the day, you need to be able to have some fun while getting work done. For the last few decades the space between home life and work life has been blurring; this could be an advantage to millennials who are more comfortable within this landscape than o.

Do you think you have the personality to work in the business sector?
There are lots of ways to enter the business world. Many people (even post-study age) enter into internships or do work experience these days. There is no limit to what you can do if you really want to. Starting in an entry-level job can also be a great way to make connections and prove your worth for a brand or company you admire. Or you may choose to study to prepare to open your own small business. 

Study is a terrific option if you’d like to assess where you could take your career next. Consider your wanted job outcomes carefully so you can decide on your business study focus, and what level of attainment you’ll need. Remember, you can always go on to further study as it suits you.

Could you gain a study scholarship?
Upskilled is an online education provider in Australia that offers a range of accredited business qualifications, ranging from bachelor degrees, diplomas and certificates. Now in an endeavour to provide ongoing support to potential business students, Upskilled is pleased to provide a scholarship to the value of $2,000 to help with costs surrounding tuition, text books, laptops and other costs across all disciplines and for students of all ages. Head to the Upskilled Scholarship Program website to find out more and take the first step towards your career in business today.

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