60-second tip: get more done in less time

Business Builders time management expert Kate Christie explains in this video how best to utilise your time based on your energy flow. This useful 60-second video tip will help you to understand and work with your energy flow to achieve successful tasks.

Here’s how you can maximise your energy.

Kate’s top 3 tips:
1. Are you a morning, afternoon or evening person? Get a clear understanding of the time when you work at your best.
2. Use that time (either morning, afternoon or evening) for your absolute best work.
3. Get onto your high strategic tasks. It’s not worth using it on anything else.

Press play! Hear Kate’s helpful tip 

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Kate Christie
Time Stylers was founded by Kate Christie after pursuing a corporate career while trying to manage her young family. Time Stylers offers a range of products and solutions to transform your time at work and on the home front, to help you: find hours of lost time a month – time to do what you love; lose your guilt over the work/life choices you make each day; and live the life you love.


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