60-second tip: manage your inbox


Want to find extra time in your busy day? Here’s a great tip to help manage your email inbox.

Business Builders time management expert Kate Christie reveals how to organise your email inbox. This fantastic 60-second video tip will help you to, “triage your emails efficiently.”

Kate’s top 3 tips:
1. Set up your inbox to have 4 different categories
2. Put those emails in each category to be managed at a time suitable for you
3. Respond to each email based on which category it belongs to.

Press play! Hear Kate’s helpful time management tip 

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Kate Christie
Time Stylers was founded by Kate Christie after pursuing a corporate career while trying to manage her young family. Time Stylers offers a range of products and solutions to transform your time at work and on the home front, to help you: find hours of lost time a month – time to do what you love; lose your guilt over the work/life choices you make each day; and live the life you love.



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