6 ways to be SMART with your content

- January 6, 2022 3 MIN READ
schedule online content in a smart way

Even in ‘normal’ times, business owners simply do not have the time nor energy, to be present online all day, every day. Yet the demand for online content has never been higher The pressure to be everywhere and all at once is high, writes Nicola Moras.

In a recent article shared by Lawpath, they noted that Australia Post has reported an 80% increase in parcel deliveries, meaning that although consumers cannot buy goods in person, online demand has never been higher.

You’ve seen businesses thrive and crash throughout this time and if you want to be one of the ones who thrive, then you’re going to have to level-up your content creation game in the smart way. Which means creating content that can be used over and over again and in multiple ways. Just like Mum used to make cheesy bubble and squeak from the leftovers the night before, you can make use of your content more than once.

Use the ‘SMART’ model to keep your content on high rotation

  1. S is for Sit your butt down!

There are a lot of distractions these days and the best, most effective thing you can do is to make the commitment to sitting your butt down and writing. The best thing you can possibly do, is set aside 30 minutes a day for this process. 30 minutes out of your whole day might feel like a lot, but it will go quickly. Set a timer (I use the Focus timer on my phone) and get ready to work through the following steps.

  1. M is for Mark

You have to know your audience and your topic. When you know who your ‘mark’ is, it makes it a lot easier for you to create content for them. They’ll engage with it when they feel like you’re answering problems for them or inspiring and motivating them.

  1. A is for ACTION

3, 2, 1, ACTION, baby! The only way to get any content created is to do it. So, write, film, record, or even hit ‘go LIVE’ on your favourite social media platform.

Once you have done this, you can move into the phase of content spinning. Content spinning is a process I developed where you can take one piece of content and use it and or share it in 10 different ways.

  1. R is for Roll it Out

You can use this content you created in step three multiple times. For instance, if you create a video, you can share the video on: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter or whatever platforms your audience are on. Then, you can email that to your email list. From there, I recommend having the video transcribed and you will easily find you have 3-4 quotes that you have said that you can put onto pictures, quotes or memes. You can also use the audio and load that onto SoundCloud for instance as a podcast episode!

Phew! If you do these things, then you already have used your one video in 10 different ways!

  1. T is for tomorrow and every tomorrow thereafter

Once you have shared it today, you can then schedule this content to repeat tomorrow or any other time that you want to. You can use content such as this over and over again, if it is a relatively timeless piece of content.

I suggest using a scheduling program for this. You do not need to be sitting there all-day every day scheduling! Or you could hire a virtual assistant to do this if you don’t have admin support.

  1. Be consistent!

The biggest threat to the SMART content spinning machine is inconsistency. Your audience online only see approximately 10% of what you put up online, so it’s imperative that you are sharing content multiple times per day and in multiple different ways.

Let the content spinning machine make light work of your content creation.

This post first appeared on KBB August 20 2020 and was republished January 6 2022.

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