6 tips to create a money-making mindset

- March 19, 2018 2 MIN READ

After spending years managing a big house, cars and massive debt, Canan Bekdik and her husband decided to quit work, downsize and ‘go fishing’.

The couple packed up sold up and moved to a small town. Unfortunately, their expenses soon outweighed their income and their credit card debt began to mount. Desperate to break free, Bekdik began to think creatively about how she could use her existing skills to change her life to get out of financial stress.

“I decided to explore my own capacity to make money and began charging people to teach educational workshops that I had previously taught for free. It didn’t take long for me to pay off all of our debts and understand my true capacity to build wealth, easily,” she tells KBB.  

Today, Bekdik teaches people how to use their talents to generate income. Her top tips include:

1. Choose to live (not just survive)

Write down 25 things that you want from your life to stimulate your wants, dreams and desires. This will help you step into living and stop just surviving.

2. Stop trying to prove yourself

We learn to try when it comes to making money. We try to sell a product. We try to be successful. We try to make money. If you are always trying to make something work, you can never truly acquire it, or become it. Trying to prove yourself is akin to being powerless. It’s the trying that affirms the lack because the two energies are symbiotic and one in the same. Your offering or product is a natural and aligned extension of you, it will be elegant and it will sell itself.

3. Permission to be yourself

Bring down your barriers (whether they be denial or suppression or a fantasy creation of who you want to be) and permit yourself to be yourself. When you allow yourself to be your true self, you will radiate authenticity and do well.

4. Permit yourself to receive

Money is about your ability to receive. There is enough in the world to go around for everyone.  You must, however, give yourself permission and be willing to receive.

5. Choose to have money in your life and ask yourself questions that help you create it

At every moment in your day, you are making decisions that will impact your future. Creating money in your life is a choice. You need to choose it. Then, ask yourself questions that will help you create it, such as: What is my limitless possibilities to pay off my debts? Beyond my wildest dreams, what kind of limitless possibilities exist for me to earn money? What can I do differently today to generate more money straight away?

6. Never give up 

Finally, never give up. Money is easy to have if you know how to create and receive. If you want it, then keep going till you crack the money code.

Canan says: “Making money is so magical for me. If you choose to be in your creative power, see possibilities everywhere and honour the energy that emerges from your authentic self, you can make money in many wonderful and creative ways. It all becomes an exciting and fun adventure.”