6 reasons to love business travel

- January 30, 2020 3 MIN READ
business travel

Travelling for work is considered by many as a serious perk, and for good reason. There’s the business class airline tickets, room upgrades, visiting cities you may not have otherwise, racking up frequent flyer points and the chance to be away from the office, even for a few days. But for some, business travel can become a chore, with multi-city trips, back-to-back meetings and over-priced room service becoming the norm. The good news is it doesn’t have to be that way. Flight Centre has some great deals for business travel and with a bit of planning, an open mind and flexible approach, business trips will become the highlight of your work schedule. Here are six reasons why:

1. The beauty of face to face meetings

Despite the increasing sophistication of communication tools from video conferencing to instant messenger, when it comes to fostering relationships there is still no substitute for meeting in person. Being in the same city offers the opportunity to share a coffee, build rapport, understand business culture and to foster long term, meaningful connections. By immersing yourself in the city you are visiting, it also opens up the opportunity for new and unexpected business connections.

2. Flexible travel

With corporate travel comes the perk of flexible bookings. Stuck in a last-minute meeting ahead of your return flight home? Or perhaps it’s your first time in say, Las Vegas and you’ve decided you’d like an extra day or two to explore. Flexible airline tickets allow last minute changes with no hidden cost.

3. Frequent Flyer points

Good news, the frequent flyer points you accumulate on work trips can generally be added to your personal frequent flyer program. Which means if you are a very frequent business flyer, you’ll reap the benefits quickly!

4. Access to lounges

Say goodbye to sitting on the floor next to the only available power point whilst charging your dying laptop. Business lounges truly are next level and can be accessed either through a membership or as a perk of business class ticket. Expect a quiet, relaxing space with free wi-fi, complimentary drinks and snacks and an announcement service alerting you of when to arrive at the gate, just in time to board your flight.

5. You’ll visit new places

It goes without saying, with business travel comes the chance to experience new cities, countries and cultures. The best part is, destinations that may not have been at the top of your travel wish list, often turn out to be the most fun. Arrive with an open mind because you never know what exciting experience awaits.

6. Bleisure

Otherwise known as a bizcation, bleisure refers to the combination of business and pleasure. If you are visiting an exciting or glamorous destination for work, why not take annual leave either before or afterwards to enjoy it. Heading to New York for a conference? Take a friend or your partner, extend a few extra days and you’ve nailed a bucket-list city escape at a fraction of the price.

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