6 last minute ways to make money out of Christmas 

6 last minute ways to make money out of Christmas

Aussies are spending big at the cash registers this Christmas – but here’s a few quick business ideas that will help you cut back on your debt and rake in some funds instead.

 With Christmas nearly upon us, Australians have been hitting the shops to make sure they have a jolly good time this season. Seafood BBQ selection with all the trimmings, our favourite tipple on tap and of course – the presents! But for all the festive fun, it can also bring for many Australians dreaded debt-lag that follows trying to make it a special time.

Frivolous Christmas shoppers are expected to run up credit card debts of $56 billion this season, that’s an average of $3,342 per person in Australia[1]. However, the good news is there are simple last minute ways you can actually make money out of Christmas! Here are some top tips on how to cut the cost of debt this festive season so you can potentially sail through the New Year debt free.

  1. Rent out your caravan

If your RV, caravan or motorhome is sitting idle or costing you fees in storage, you can make some extra cash by renting it out via Camplify to trusted borrowers from interstate or around your neighbourhood. The average person using this platform will earn around $280 – $2,100 a week and as the holiday season is in high peak travel period, it’s the most optimum time to offer your caravan to holidaymakers. They save as it’s more affordable than tradional companies so everyone’s a winner.

  1. Cute job alert!

Mad Paws, is an online platform which connects pet owners with caring pet sitters to mind their dog or cat whilst away. Many people use the Christmas holidays as an excuse to jet off and thousands of adorable pets are in need of looking after (I know, it’s like the perfect job!). Also you’ll be in high demand this season as it’s more affordable than pricy kennels. Sitters make on average $220 a week, which can go up to around $360 a week this season.

  1. Deliver Christmas gifts

Become santa’s little helper this Christmas by delivering festive parcels to homes around your neighbourhood and spreading the yuletide cheer by signing up as a courier with Zoom2u.  Zoom2u acts a lot like Uber, but instead of people you’re transporting, it’s parcels! You have complete flexibility on when you work with after office hours in high demand ahead of Christmas. It’s just a matter of accepting the workload that is right for you. It’s a pretty easy way to make sure there’s some extra cash coming in to supplement the dollars you’re spending on the giant turkey! You can make between $400 to $2,000 a week!

  1. Convert your free space into cash

Online marketplace for space, Spacer connects Hosts (people WITH space) to Renters (people who NEED space) in their neighbourhood. Over the summer season demand increases as people are moving and renovating. Whether it’s a spare room, empty garage or bare driveway, space is currently in high demand. You can make between $350 – $500 a month off your garage, spare room, driveway or attic – just off one space.

  1. Become a home cook for locals

December kick starts Australia’s entertaining season with summer finally upon us. FoodByUs allows Australian’s talented home cooks to sell food to their local neighbours. This means that if you like to cook, bake and create, you can turn your passion for cooking into an income. The average FoodByUs maker earns around $50 an hour and with high demand they have seen some makers earn $500 a week off their culinary skills. Locals either collect their food, you drop it to their door or get it delivered with FoodByUs’ delivery drivers.

  1. Become hired help

At this busy time of year it doesn’t hurt to have an extra set of hands around to get jobs done. From house cleaning to furniture removal or assembly requests, you can become a worker on Airtasker to help with Christmas chores and party preparation. With flexibility in task description and budget allocation, there are hundreds of ways you can be helping others while boosting your income.

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