6 Facebook groups you’ll love as a woman in business

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Updated on 15 September 2020.

Facebook groups are a dime a dozen – there are something over 650 million of them covering topics from a love of pugs to small business tips.

These Facebook groups for business are an incredible tool for business to connect, learn and tap into the collective wisdom  out there in social media world. Business is thriving on Facebook with many turning to these groups for support and advice.

In Australia, there are a few stand out groups that have anywhere from 3,000 to 30,000 members interacting and engaging every day. There are thousands of dollars of business transacting online, as you read this piece.

By actively participating in Facebook groups you can get feedback on a project, find new clients, share your expertise, connect with like-minded people and even make a few bucks.

If you are looking for a group to join, these are the top picks starting with …

1. Australian Business Collaborative with Angela Henderson

At just over 3,200 members, it may not be the biggest group, but it is an incredibly active one. Started by the founder of Finlee and Me and Angela Henderson Consulting, Angela Henderson, it’s a space filled with a lot of support and guidance. There’s a theme for every day. What really stands out about this group is the genuine input and interaction from the founder. Angela shares daily insights into business, lessons and info from big-ticket events she attends. She also supports and encourages the members with weekly celebratory callouts.

Angela said she started the group as a place she could share her knowledge. “As a business consultant, I dedicate a lot time to learning. People come to me for guidance and support, so it is vital I keep my skills and knowledge up to date. It just made sense to extend that to more people,” she said.

“I attend many events around the world, learning from some of the greats in business. I know many businesses starting out do not have the resources to do that, so a Facebook group is a great place to give back.”

Angela’s group stands out for it’s great blend of member input and her genuine love for giving back. There is a real sense of sharing with heart from many in this group, not just on the promo day but all days.

2. Entrepreneurs Abundance Mindset

Entrepreneurs Abundance Mindset founder Francesca Moi set out to create a place to connect online. As the Meetup Queen, she found Meetup doesn’t facilitate online engagement like Facebook does. “I didn’t realise that once I started it, it wasn’t only about the local community, it was about GLOBAL community,” she said.

Francesca spends a lot of time nurturing the group, adding value, and ensuring the group wasn’t going to become a “pitch fest.”  She says the real success of a group (being part of a group) comes not from the sell but the tell.  “It’s not all about the promotion day at all.  On promotion days people are less active…they go into the group, ‘drop’ a promotional post, and leave.  The other theme days, people are willing to connect, get help, give help, and ask questions—which what Facebook Groups is are about.  The more relationships you create, the more business you make.”

This group is 6,700 strong with over 30 people a day joining.

3. I Love SEO and Misfits

That is two groups for the price of one, but they are both the brainchildren of SEO whiz kid Kate Toon. With over 7,500 members in both, members can get the best of both worlds.  The I Love SEO started two years ago as part of a marketing challenge Kate ran. It now supports her courses, podcast and events and is a place for people to learn SEO from one of the best.

As the Author of Misfit Entrepreneurs, Kate set up another group for lovers of the book and it has quickly grown into fun group of over 2,500 that is incredibly supportive of each other and don’t take themselves too seriously.

Kate said there are a few things she has learnt from running groups. “You have to be a leader and not afraid to lay down the law. Having strict rules about behaviour and enforcing them quickly with zero debate is vital to keeping the platform flowing,” she said.

“You have to love interacting online, so that posting is enjoyable and becomes natural – otherwise it’s a chore.”

For Kate, the secret to her groups success is her witty and quirky sense of humour and her steady stream of ideas. “I am also not a perfectionist, so happy to post flawed content. This is essential. If you need everything to be hospital corners, you’re going to fail. I’ve also developed a thick skin so can deal with people not liking me when I boot them out of the group.”

4. Girls In Business

Who rules the world? Girls in business do. Popping up just over a year ago, this group of dynamo women in business has over 12,000 members just on the Gold Coast. Asha Peck’s group aims to give women in business a place to connect, collaborate and network in a safe and friendly environment. “I want to help create a powerful female force of leaders who care. Women rule the world, but they need support to do it – that’s where the Gold Coast Girls in Business come in,” she said.

Asha has just created a membership base for this powerful group. The Girls In Business Movement is a big one for taking connections online to offline and running events where people can catch up in real life. The group has proved popular for businesses just starting out or seeking referrals. To support them, Asha created a $15 per month subscription for businesses that really want to reach their target audience.

5. Business Business Business

Linda Reed-Enever started BBB in 2014 as a group for business owners to hang out, network and support each other. It now has almost 25,000 members. While it’s not specifically for women in business, it is a must join group because of the wealth of knowledge and sharing that happens daily.

While Linda has been in other great groups, some were negative or involved bullying. “Then there were others that were location and niche-based and I just wanted a business group where all my networks could be supported, chat and work with each other so I created BBB,” she explained.

BBB has grown organically through member referrals. This creates a great community where everyone is there because they have chosen to be.

In 2016, Linda saw how big the group was getting and want to support members by developing BusinessBusinessBusiness and an online magazine directory, supporting the group’s ethos of learn, connect, network and do.

Unlike many other groups, BBB has no themes. “Business has no themes, so we decided to let the conversation flow and grown naturally. There are guidelines to keep conversations in check. I am a big believer in if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all,” Linda said.

Linda has learnt a few things running a Facebook group – people are amazing at helping and supporting each other 99% of the time and it is the 1% that will get to you and in those moments, you need to remember the good the group does.

6. Like Minded Bitches Drinking Wine

Started by serial entrepreneurs Gen George and Jane Lu, Like Minded Bitches Drinking Wine is a group for entrepreneurial-minded and business savvy women who love their wine. With regular events in over 40 cities around the world and an 82,000 pumping Facebook group, it is a hub for business-savvy women to collaborate and share ideas.

The group started when Jane and Gen felt alone in business. “We had no one to be honest and frank with about the good times and the really bad times. There was no network of people who called it what it was and were there with an open mind to collaborate and support each other,” they said.

The group is a hothouse of requests for support and a place to bounce ideas off. What is so great about this group is that it’s a safe space to share heartfelt and inspirational stories that encourage others.

Of course, there are plenty more where these ones came from – all doing great things in the entrepreneurial and small business spaces, providing a breeding ground for new ideas, collaborations and projects.

When deciding which group is right for your business, take the time. Hang out in the group for a week or so; interact with members and see if they are your people.  Don’t join too many otherwise it does become overwhelming. Remember to check the guidelines and ‘rules’; some groups are sticklers for the rules and you may find yourself kicked out. Above all, go into the group with the spirit of sharing and connecting, and you will find business will flow.

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