5G is on its way. Are you ready for the future?

- August 19, 2019 3 MIN READ

You may have heard about 5G, it’s the new mobile technology set to succeed the existing 4G network and it’s on its way to a town near you.

What is 5G?

5G is the next generation of mobile network technology – the fifth generation of tech – and like 4G which came before it and 3G before that, 5G will offer improvements on the existing network. However, it’s not simply phone users that will benefit from 5G’s faster speeds and low latency. 5G is set to change the world as we know it. Here are three reasons why.

Faster speeds

5G networks will be able to download files at speeds as fast as 20Gbps. That’s faster than anything offered by the NBN. In fact, 5G providers are suggesting a minimum user speed of 100Mbps – that’s the maximum speed currently on offer by the NBN. Imagine the possibilities this will bring? Think back to how much 4G changed things… We went from a world where we played Snake and sent texts to one of Netflix and Facetime and Snapchat. The speed of 5G will change how we use our devices and will no doubt birth a whole range of new consumer and business tech to take advantage of its capabilities.

The rise of the internet of things

5G is set to explode the Internet of things (IoT). The network’s increased capacity will allow more devices to connect simultaneously than ever before. While Australia has some of the fastest-growing smartphone adoption in the world, it’s not simply smartphone users that will benefit from 5G. 5G is the harbinger of a more connected smarter world. A world where your lightbulbs and TV talk to each other, where your fridge orders your groceries and where you can control your home security from your phone. Much of this technology is already available today but 5G will spur IoT to the next level.

Could 5G be the kicker to bring on autonomous vehicles?

The 5G network’s low latency could be the perfect storm to make autonomous vehicles a mainstream reality. Here’s why: two words, low latency. ‘What’s that?’ You say. Remember those times you were playing a game on your Xbox and the screen lagged behind the action? That’s latency. 4G networks have a latency of around 60 milliseconds. 5G’s latency is as low as 1 millisecond. Low latency is exactly what’s needed when you’re a self-driving car getting your information of driving conditions from the cloud. Low latency could be the difference between a crash and a near miss. 5G’s low latency will also allow for advances across the health sector. Imagine a doctor performing surgery remotely or a remote patient receiving a diagnosis from a specialist in real-time from 1000s of miles away.

Futurists believe 5G could change the world. Yet the truth is we don’t know how much change this new technology will bring – but isn’t wonderful to be on the cusp of such of wonderful possibility?

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