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- February 22, 2017 2 MIN READ

What is the most important quality small businesses that succeed in 2017 will share? According to one of Australia’s leading business agility coaches, Michi Tyson, small businesses with the ability to run a lean management team, use design thinking and integrate behavioural economics will thrive.

She says, “The traditional structure of teams within companies is outdated, and it’s unbelievable to think that this method is still operating today, despite it being in complete opposition to today’s progressive business and consumer landscape.”

According to Tyson, consumer’s thought and behavioural processing has been largely cultivated by the digital movement over the past decade.

“Thanks to the World Wide Web and social media, customers arrive at a business’ doorstep already armed with an overwhelming collection of information, research, testimonials and opinions. If you can’t provide them with their preconceived notion of the product or service they had anticipated purchasing, or their experience with your business is less than exceptional, consider them gone,” she adds.

“Trends and customer demands change quite literally from one minute to the next, facilitated by social media hash tags and celebrity endorsement (both intentional and unintentional),” she says. Then adds, “The ultimate success of a business now depends on its flexibility and an agile structure able to quickly and seamlessly adapt product range or processes to provide for the market’s change in direction.”

According to Tyson, innovation and market disruption are on the top of businesses’ agenda today. However, few look beyond their product range when they intend to innovate and disrupt. True innovators in today’s economy are the ones that focus beyond their products, marketing and traditional customer service and concentrate on an organisational culture where customer care is at the core of everything they do on every business level.

She says 2017 is a pinnacle year for small businesses to re-organise teams and their processes, with the idea of fostering an agile culture that is motivated to learning and ongoing development.

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