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Clearly explain the dream but sell the service

- February 28, 2017 2 MIN READ

With so many products and services in the marketplace, small business owners often ask, “Why do consumers choose some products and service providers over others?”

Price, reviews, location and quality of service can all influence purchasing decisions. But if you look at the companies that are really making an impact – such as U.S. tech giant Apple – the answer is, they offer more. By tapping into their customer’s emotions. These dreams then resonate with deep psychological desires that validate their purchases.

Get to know what your customer wants
It may surprise you to learn that simply owning your product or service is not your customers’ core motivator. There is a saying in real estate, “You’re not selling a house, you’re selling a lifestyle”. Similarly, consider the reason that someone might want your products or services. Are you selling cameras? Your customers’ core desire is probably to record and store their memories rather than simply buying a camera.

Don’t get stuck selling features
Your product may have some impressive features and services, but rattling them off in your marketing materials can overwhelm your customers. Instead of just focusing on the basics, craft a message that speaks to what they actually want such as showing a clean home office if their desire is to be organised.

Believe in your own brand
Allow yourself to daydream about your own products and services and think of how these might make your customers’

Appeal to your customers’ emotions
Research backs up the concept that we mainly use our emotions when making a purchase. Furthermore, research has also shown that liking an advertisement is the most predictive factor when it comes to persuasion and sales. In your advertising and marketing materials, try to convey how your produce and service will make your customer feel good and give them lasting satisfaction.

Create a narrative that customers can follow
Keep your customer in mind for every facet of your business, not just in your advertising. Make it part of your customers’ experience as they navigate your website, read your emails and at the point of contact in store. Develop a story that integrates different facets of their changing needs into a narrative that they will understand and can relate to. Address why they should care about your brand, what they can have, and who and what they can become if they use your products or services.

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