5 ways ChatGPT will change the way you run your business

- May 8, 2023 3 MIN READ


If you’re like me and many other business owners, you’re probably struggling to balance your work and personal life. With the ever-increasing demands of work, it’s easy to get lost in the daily grind and forget about the important things in life. With the help of ChatGPT, we can find ways to be more productive, get more done in less time, and free up time for what’s truly important, writes productivity expert, Donna McGeorge.

Here are five virtual roles ChatGPT can take on in your business, leaving you for more value-adding activities.

1. The virtual personal assistant

There have always been times when I wished I had an assistant to help me with my day-to-day admin, leaving me free for more high-value activities like managing client relationships, winning new work and engaging with my stakeholders.

ChatGPT can do things like drafting emails, proofreading and starting just about anything.

Example prompts:

  • “Proofread this report to ensure that it is free of spelling and grammatical errors.”
  • “I need to write a proposal to a new client. How would you suggest I structure it?”

2. The virtual brainstormer

Let’s say you have a new a project but you’re not quite sure where to start and what direction to take it in.

You could spend hours researching and brainstorming on your own, trying to come up with ideas that would make the task a success. Or you could call several meetings involving a number of people and use up a pile of hours to ‘brainstorm ideas’.

Before succumbing to that, try asking ChatGPT.

Example prompts:

  • “What are some innovative ideas for our new product launch?”
  • “How can we make our company’s website more user-friendly?”
WATCH: Kochie and Kate Toon unpack ChatGPT for small business:

3. The virtual summariser

Remember all those times you have had piles of reports or articles as pre-reading for a meeting, but you didn’t have the time to read each report in detail, so you scanned it quickly trying to absorb all of the information and key points? Then, remember how you showed up to the meeting and kind of bluffed your way through it?

Bluff no more. Now you can use ChatGPT to summarise the text for you.

All you need to do is copy and paste the text into the prompt box (being mindful of the commercial and confidential nature of the work) and ask it to summarise the content for you.

Example prompts:

  • “Can you summarise this article in three to four sentences?”
  • “What are the key takeaways from this report?”

4. The virtual researcher

Ask it to generate a quick summary or explanation of the latest trends and developments in your industry, provide information on a specific topic, or generate a list of relevant sources and key points.

It’s a great way to stay informed and make better decisions for your work and look wildly intelligent in meetings when you cite competitor info.

However, in my experience, not all the suggested references and citations exist, or are even accurate. You will need to check and review them the old-fashioned way, with Google.

Example prompts:

  • “Research the impact of remote work on employee productivity and job satisfaction, and provide a summary of the findings.”
  • “What are the latest trends in eCommerce? Provide a report on your findings.”

ChatGPT on phone with OpenAI in background

5. The virtual tactician

How good are you at saying ‘no’? I know I’m not. When you need to give someone a difficult message, do you stumble over your words?

I have been using ChatGPT to give me advice on politely saying no, expressing condolences, getting meetings with new leads, and writing LinkedIn connection messages.

Example prompts:

  • “I have to negotiate an increase in fees with my client. Help me make a compelling argument, and then provide counter arguments with reasons they might use against it.”
  • “I have a difficult team member who is not meeting their deadlines and causing delays on our project. Tell me how to have a conversation with them using a coaching approach.”

It’s important to remember that technologies like ChatGPT have the potential to give us back to the people, things and activities that fill us with joy, not give us space for more work.

By outsourcing these mundane or tedious tasks, you can free up your time and energy to focus on the tasks that matter, and create more capacity for what’s important in your life.

If you’re keen to explore ChatGPT for your biz, check out our recent FREE webinar: Small Business Guide to ChatGPT, with The Digital Guide, Tracy Sheen.

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