5 tips to get you started with Facebook Ads

- March 26, 2019 2 MIN READ

Believe it or not, most sales-based businesses don’t have their social pages set up correctly for advertising before they begin spruiking their products. Understanding the science behind Facebook can set you up for successful advertising campaigns leading to more sales and exposure to your business. 

Emma Barr, founder of iLEADS a lead generation tool for real estate agents, believes we need to go back to basics. Below are her top tips on understanding the science of Facebook:

  1. Firstly making sure your Facebook Business Page is filled out completely and all your business information is correct so that when your customers are viewing your business they have access to the best information possible.
  2. Setting up a Facebook Ads Manager Account is the best way to make sure you have the best access to metrics and advertising options related to the people that are interacting with your business. Unfortunately, Facebook has made it so easy for businesses to “boost” their posts and make them think that they are advertising their business to their target market. So by setting up a Facebook Ads Manager Account you are ahead of most of your competitors.
  3. Once you have your Facebook Ads Manager set up start by installing a Facebook Pixel on your website. This will be your greatest retargeting tool and something that you don’t want to miss out on.
  4. There are over 10 different marketing objectives that you can choose from within Facebook Ads Manager so knowing your desired outcome and then implementing a campaign that is not only shown to the right audience but also has the right tracking and conversion objectives included will allow you to make informed decisions regarding your campaign and how it is performing.
  5. Building out a custom audience is really about understanding who your target prospect is. You really need to get inside their head, understand basic things like how old they are, where they live, what do they enjoy doing, where do they spend their time and most importantly where do they spend their money? Once you have really answered these things you can start building out your target audiences.

The above is not as basic as it sounds. It’s so important for business owners to get it right before they embark on their social advertising journey and spend thousands of wasted dollars – because they haven’t set it up correctly in the first place.



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