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5 tips to make sure your shop is ready for Christmas business

- December 17, 2018 3 MIN READ

Christmas is one of the peak times of year for sales for retail stores so it makes sense to ensure your shop is ready to take advantage of the festive season. By following our top 5 tips, reaping the benefits of Christmas trade will be a piece of cake.

Get excited!

During the peak Christmas shopping period, you can expect to have many more shoppers through your door than usual. While this can add stress to your staff and resources, it’s important to build that sense of excitement and anticipation with your floor staff to make certain they are in the Christmas spirit. Shoppers want friendly staff, not a Grinch, so build the fun factor and make sure you’re pitching in too so your team feels like you’re all in it together. Help set the scene with Christmas decorations and Christmas carols, and if your staff wears a uniform, it’s a good idea to add a festive touch.

Is it in stock?

If Christmas is the biggest time of year for sales it makes sense to ensure you are across your inventory and stock management. What are your top selling items and do you have enough to cover the Christmas rush?  Get on the phone with your suppliers and secure any gaps in your inventory now! Nothing is more frustrating for a customer than discovering their perfect present is out of stock.

Check your staff

Getting your Christmas roster right can be integral to your sales success. Underperforming staff members can bring down a whole team’s motivation and morale. Are there gaps in your staff? Perhaps consider employing some new staff members to help spread the load and boost morale. Be certain all your staff are across your products and can assist with customers’ questions.

Get the word out!

Marketing your products and store is integral during the Christmas period. Make the most of your social media and craft engaging posts on Facebook and Instagram.  Reach out to existing customers with EDMs. Take stock of what your competitors are doing and see where you can push a bit harder. Remind your customers what is unique about your products and why they should shop with you.

Create goodwill

The Christmas shopping period can often be a taxing time for retail staff. Make sure your staff members are in good spirit by generating some goodwill.  With expenses on the rise, it can be tempting to skimp on a Christmas party – but nothing creates more loyalty and goodwill from your staff than a Christmas celebration. Go the extra mile and they will reward you in return with renewed enthusiasm and energy. Don’t forget to extend this sense of goodwill to customers. Consider offering wrapping services or little gifts with purchase that will help your business stand out from the crowd.


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