5 steps to hiring the best people for your business

- July 17, 2023 3 MIN READ


If you are the owner of a business, even if that business currently consists of just you, growth and expansion requires the hiring of people. Even the savviest business owners on the planet can struggle with knowing when to hire, who to hire, how many to hire, how to attract and keep top talent … on and on it goes. Hiring quality people that will contribute to you and your business doesn’t actually have to be difficult, writes Joy of Business founder Simone Milasas.

Here are my top five tips on how to navigate the world of hiring with ease.

1. Let go of having to do it alone

Have you decided that you are the only person who can conduct your business the way you would like it to be done? Are you worried that if you let go of certain things, the quality and success of your business will decline? Do you hoard everything with your business and refuse to let tasks and projects grow?

In an attempt to make sure things go how you would like them to, or in order to cut down on costs, it can seem like doing it all yourself is the solution – but most often it is not. Take a step back and look from a different perspective.

When you hold onto things, you stop your business from growing. When you let tasks and projects go and allow others to step in, your business expands. Doing everything on your own means that your business only receives contribution from you. When you include others, their unique talents and abilities contribute too, and everything gets greater.

If you would like to let go of having to do everything on your own, try this exercise: For every single thing you do during your day, ask, “Could someone else do this?” and “Could someone else do this better than me?”

2. Acknowledge the brilliance of you

Have you acknowledged the things that you are really good at? Here is a clue – usually what you are brilliant at seems so easy to you that you don’t see it as valuable. You think because you can do it without effort, everyone else must be able to, too. They can’t. Recognise this.

We all have different capacities. When you acknowledge your capacities, then you can see where you need others and their brilliance and capacities too.

3. Ask for the brilliance of others to show up

Did you know that if you ask your business questions and don’t try to come up with an answer, your business will let you know what it desires and requires? Your business is an entity, and every question you ask provides you with awareness – some call it intuition – that lets you know what direction to move in.

You can ask questions such as, “Who or what can I add to the business that will allow growth?” or “What would it take for people to show up before I even know that I require them?”

4. Hire people who are greater than you

A common conclusion business owners come to is that the people you hire are employees and therefore should be less than you. Don’t make that mistake. Always hire people that are greater than you; even for ‘menial’ roles. Hire people for the awareness they have. Hire people for the energy they contribute to you, the business and the future.

Ask your business to show you the staff that will contribute to what it is you desire to create in the world. Are they willing to have a world as big as yours?

5. You don’t have to like the people you hire

If you only look to hire people that you enjoy being around, you will limit your business. It’s not about liking someone. Simply ask, “Will this work? Will this person be a contribution?” When you ask, again, don’t look for an answer. You will have a sense of yes or no. Trust you and your awareness.

Also ask, “Does this person like money?” and “Are they willing to have money in their life?” If they like money and have a desire to create money, then they will also create money for you – it doesn’t mean they have to have money.

The expansion of your business can be fun, joyful and even full of ease. Let go of having to do everything alone. Acknowledge what you are brilliant at, and ask for the brilliance of others to show up too. Liking the people you hire is not required. Rather, choose people who are greater than you, willing to have a world as big as yours, and like money.

One of the most simple and yet potent questions you can ask when hiring someone is, “Will this work?”

Ask, trust yourself, and follow what you know.

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