5 hot digital tips to take your marketing next level

- February 19, 2019 < 1 MIN READ

Digital marketing strategy has never been more important for brands. In this quickly evolving environment, it’s critical for companies and organisations to have a strategy in place that can deliver on business objectives while developing a strong online presence and providing a seamless customer experience. Here Anna Kertesz from digital CX agency Guerrilla, shares her tips on how to get started.

1. Define your measures of success

What are you trying to achieve? Sales? Database growth? Increased following? Defining what success looks like first will help you assess what channels, ad formats and calls to action you should be using. 

2. Who are you talking to?

Clearly define your audience. Develop personas based on the data you have available and/or on your own research. Use these to guide the development of your channel mix and creative approach. Be strategically creative to appeal to different audiences.

3. Define the channel mix and channel tactics

Your channel mix and channel tactics need to align with your business and marketing objectives. Outline the purpose and role each of the channels play and split your budget accordingly. If running traditional and digital channels, be sure to integrate your media approach.

4. Develop channel specific creative

An edited TVC won’t perform well in social. Personalise creative for personalised channels such as email, SMS and Messenger. If done well, these channels will often provide the biggest ROI.

5. Learn from every campaign

Review the data in granular detail through to the end of each campaign. Optimise throughout and take learnings into your next campaign. This will see you incrementally shift the needle each campaign and gain greater efficiencies from your marketing spend.


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